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  1. Your words bring me so much peace. I am sometimes troubled more than the Lord would desire by this state, and I seek other believers to point out "blind spots" I have that may seem obvious as I describe it. I am praying that the Lord open or shut the door for us, and that he give me the wisdom to see it if and when he does either. I firmly believe the Word is sufficient, but it doesn't exactly say where we should live in life, which makes this a tad more difficult. I do, oh Lord, seek your will as I am charged to lead my family in wisdom and selflessness. It's so amazing to see when God closes a door, which one he leaves open for you. He is the amazing provider, who will exchange the good for the great for your good and his glory! I find that the more he fulfills His promises, the more faith it develops in us.
  2. JLiberty

    Trump lives well on our money

    It's not prudent to blanket statement a condemnation of the POTUS like you are. Like @William just said, he has done many other things that are contrary to selfishness. Also, what lifestyle of the rich and famous does he live? I recall most every major new source is vehemently against anything he says and does. I commend him for having the ability to do his job in the face of so many adversaries. However, he isn't perfect and he shows it in certain ways. Pray for him to have wisdom @mitchel, as this may be the best thing you can do. It would benefit him, and thus certainly you.
  3. JLiberty

    Missouri's purposed law

    A state should honor God, just like any country, any govt. etc. We are called to support laws that honor Christ and the Word. If and when laws are passed, however, that are contrary to our biblical worldview we can and should do two things: Pray (and even act) that the laws return to a God honoring way, and ultimately we remind ourselves that this is not our real home. It should be no surprise, in a way, when those opposed to God act like they are actually opposed to God. Hopefully it will be a wake up call for the residents of Missouri to make sure to elect leaders that will truly represent Christ.
  4. Thank you all for your heartfelt answers! I don't see it as unbiblical to move, and the more I communicate with others wiser than I, the more it seems clear. However, it's emotional. Please pray for wisdom for me :)
  5. I've been waiting to hear in the news some sort of justification to lessen a penalty for a known attempt of transmission of such a disease. This is a heinous act, if done in knowing, and should be punishable by earthly consequence. As for a science based approach, I'm not certain that it has to be in contrast to the "fear based approach" in that there should be a science based approach while still offering a great deterrent to those who knowingly transmit this disease.
  6. It takes working 50 hours per week, and I'm fortunate to own my own business. BTW, the house we purchased at this price is also in an iffy neighborhood, that's decorated with graffiti, and police/ambulance sirens sing us to sleep nightly. It's sad that my kids have to see and experience this on a daily basis. However, Christ brings me back, saying that we are not of this world. We are to be in the world for a little while longer in order to share the good news with others... hard to know sometimes when the right time is to make that move.
  7. Houston, in fact, is where I lived but only for a year when I was 21. At the time, politics weren't all that big of a deal to me but now they are. It's the cities that are trending a bit more towards the progressive side, but the state as a whole is very conservative. You're not alone. I've owned an auto service center for 13 years here, and am happy to sell it all and walk away. My wife and I aren't wealthy by CA standards but we get by just fine and have no debt besides our mortgage. I'm comfortable selling our home and business, where we could buy a home for cash in TX and have no general monthly mortgage debt aside from taxes. By principle alone though, paying taxes to TX is far more palatable than paying towards taxpayer funded abortion and LGBTQ etc etc education systems. I feel though it is easy enough for believers to be on the same page though, when it comes to these things. My wife, though, leans towards wanting to be a light here, and have the benefit of living close to family as these issues don't negatively affect us "here and now." I want to lovingly and respectfully engage in this conversation as it pertains to accountability before God, and knowing the inherent blessing that is available through this obedience. Tell me though, am I potentially living in sin by staying here and thus being complicit with CA tax funding, etc? In that same vein, might all Christians, who have the opportunity to leave but don't, be living in this type of sin?
  8. @William, I can see that enmity may be caused by numerous things, and the stress, if you will, of moving and separating family certainly can be one of them and must be acknowledged. However, I see, the immediate family unit is the priority. My wife and I are on the same page, and biblically grounded in who is given the role of spiritual leader, and I am praying fervently for wisdom in this. Can I ask your thoughts as to living in CA vs living in TX (or other states) as it pertains to Christian Stewardship?
  9. William, thank you for these verses supporting a Biblical stance! This one, I want to make sure I interpret it correctly. Are you saying that the covenant with my wife is a covenant under God, but my moving can lead to distance or enmity within my family?
  10. My Catholic mother lives within an hours drive from us here, and my wife's parents live less than ten minutes away. They're incredibly close. The conversation has opened between us and them about the possibility of affording to live here at retirement. My wife also has two sisters who are very close to us, as are their husbands and children. Ideally, if it were totally up to me (dangerous saying, I know), I'd love to go first, and provide a path for the family exodus that would inevitably meet us there.
  11. Thank you for your response, as well Brother Justme. I hadn't spoke much as to where I'd like to move, if we did. Missouri is beautiful, I hear, along with the traits you just mentioned. I have a very close friend and customer who owns a cattle ranch in Mansfield, and have up until very recently owned a home here in San Diego County. Every time I talk to them, they encourage me to come visit (knowing I wouldn't want to leave). The primary place I've looked into is Texas, because I lived there once - for a short while, one year. This was approx 13 years ago now. Texas has been on my radar mostly because of the very pro-business climate, and at 34 I hope to have many good working years ahead of me. However, Missouri is very intriguing and I am beginning to look into it more. May I ask you though, if you have any discernment from how my description of the desire to move was written, would I be best to stay close to other family members here, or do I take into account as priority the list of things that affect my family more directly?
  12. I joined this forum in hopes of getting advice from other believers. My wife and I have four children, ages ranging from 9 to 1. The problem? We live in San Diego. State income taxes are absurd, freedoms and liberties are stripped almost daily, and my tax dollars fund abortions and other programs that are not wise. The The cost of living is very, very high. The public school system has completely become a LGBTQ and progressive indoctrination center. There are uncertainties that my children will be able to get established when they're old enough to be on their own, due to the ability for them to afford their own home. Overall, I believe it is very easy to discern that it is unwise to raise a family in CA. Here are my current details. I own a business that is moderately successful. As expensive as it is here, we are able to own our own home. As bad as the school's are, we are able to home school/partner with a charter school on a three day/ two day per week schedule (three days home school). The charter school is public, but they are not (as of now) teaching that which is unbiblical. So, my complaints about CA have to do with finances, investment, horrible business climate, and overtaxation issues. However, I am not directly affected or kept from a decent lifestyle because of them. Also, my complaints about CA school system have to do with completely despicable things being taught, not to mention very low teaching standards. However, my children are not, and thus I am not directly affected and their purity is still preserved. My family is connected to an amazing, biblical church that is one I would always want to stay connected to. Our family's are also here, and my wife's family, in particular is very very close to us. Now, despite all this I am compelled to sell my home and business, and move to a more business and family friendly environment. I know there are good, Godly churches available for the most part wherever we'd move. There are other logical justifications to move as well, some of which I listed above. My question to this forum is this: Do I seem to be worrying, and allowing a desire to be in control dictate my compelling to move? Are my compelling's biblical? Do I have an obvious blind spot that I'm dealing with? Any and all advice is desired, as I know it is best for me to seek wisdom in this.