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    911 in the HOLY BIBLE

    Thanks again, Theophilus. By the way, are you and I the only ones interested in this subject? You are the only response I got, and in my opinion, this is an important prophecy. To answer your post, the prophecy is a dual prophecy, which the LORD used throughout the Bible. It definitely concerns Israel as it speaks to the siege of Jerusalem by the King of Assyria, King Sennacherib, Ye that are near, and also to us, Ye that are far off. As seen from Jerusalem, the USA is very far off, and in time we are certainly far off. Our Heavenly Father, knowing the end from the beginning, is also warning the children of this generation that we are being besieged. Isaiah 33:17 &18 are all about commerce being done, for it involves the destruction of the World Trade Center. As verse 18 implies, we have been pondering about terrorists and terrorism ever since 911. Thine heart shall meditate terror. Just my opinion Theo. Thanks again for your help. James.
  2. James Honigman

    Confused about posting a topic. Help.

    Thank you so much, Theo.
  3. I just posted my first topic on this forum. Normally, anything Biblical I put in italics, but could not figure out how. No underling or bold either. Am I missing something? Thanks. James.
  4. James Honigman

    911 in the HOLY BIBLE

    In my opinion, Isaiah 33:17 is the destruction of the World Trade Center in the latter days of mankind, as it says, "We will see the king in his beauty", meaning the return of Y'shua. It mentions "the towers" in plural and asks where "the scribe" and" the receiver" are. This is the "counter" and the "weigher" in the original Hebrew manuscripts. It even asks, "Where is he that counted the towers?" This is asking where is he who celebrated the disaster. It took us a decade to find Osama Bin Laden. As the verse also states, we have been "meditating" (pondering upon) TERROR ever since. Just my opinion, and any thoughts are appreciated. James.