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    Hey, I'm Joey. I am 22 and I'm from Poland. I was born in a non-practising Catholic family. Growing up I wasn't very religious but I guess I always understood that God exists. As a teenager, and I am a little ashamed to say this, but I went through the whole "buddhist, new age, occult" phase. Thankfully, God has opened my eyes and turned me away from that ignorant path and now I am very grateful to be a follower of Christ. I thought it might be interesting to talk with other believers from time to time because unfortunately, most of my family and friends are either Catholic or simply don't care. I certainly don't consider myself to be a Catholic, having been made aware of their unbiblical traditions among other things. At this point I don't belong to any specific denomination. I just want to worship God in full accordance with the Scriptures. God bless you all :)