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  1. Daughter of God

    What is your opinion about Foul mouthed Christians?

    I'm a newbie, and I'm reeling after reading this thread... What on earth can justify rejecting a decent, caring person just because they use profanity??? Even IF it's a sin, which I don't know that I believe at all...I'm inclined to think not, considering the extreme, reactive way so many people here are speaking (i.e., this sounds like cultic, not truly religious, thinking - "the disturbed ranting of false religion" as one of the Apostles put it)... But even if it IS a sin, surely it's not the kind justifying wholesale rejection of the sinner. I mean, gossiping is a sin, too, or for that matter, "judging by appearances." Who on earth hasn't been guilty of those things? Kicking him out of church??? "He is disgusting," not just "that's disgusting"? He, as a person, is to be completely rejected because of (at worst) simple folly? On the contrary - I don't think anyone can be a Christian who so lacks love! I don't think it's possible to know the true God, even distantly, and to have such a hard heart. Or such a mixed-up mind. I hope the rest of this forum isn't like this. I can completely sympathize with so many people I come across being afraid/horrified/baffled by Christians in light of this kind of extreme attitude. It sounds more like what I'd expect from a Sharia-loving sheik! Or a Pharisee, maybe. Gee whiz...
  2. Daughter of God

    Questions About Books & Movies

    Hi, I'm a newbie to the forum, and in many ways to the Christian life. I've described myself as a re-convert because I was always a Christian, but I was not raised in Christianity and have really mixed up, patchy training in it. But really, there's a ton I don't know because I've never had true community. Anyway, I'm concerned about a few things, and some of the responses I've seen from members on another forum are kind of freaking me out. And NO ONE could give me any reasoning behind most of their answers, leaving me worse than I started out because their strong but unfounded opinions disquieted me without giving me much (when anything) to work with using my God-given reason. I'll post most of what I posted there. (Re: LOTR, Harry Potter, horror movies, and the like) I'm really confused about these things. Do they really let demons into your life? How/why? And how can you tell what's bad from what's OK? (Discernment, I know, but I'm sick and in a terrible mental fog as a result, so it'll be a while until I can be clear-headed enough to pray effectively about this...and I've been increasingly besieged with temptations, etc...I think the devil is trying to get me to make a hasty move in order to shake me and weaken my rooting in God...and eventually lead me astray...which is why I'm resolved not to make any moves now at all until I'm well again, but eventually, at least, I am going to need clear, solid answers to these questions.) I don't really like "dark" stuff - vampires & gross stuff (though I was raised with that and worse, and I noticed life "lightened" more when I left that behind as I got older, to pursue my own tastes. But I am drawn to stories about demons, exorcisms, that sort of thing. Actually, I like the Christian elements, and it's not like they're portraying the devil in a good light, is it? Is that still dangerous? And how does that let demons have any sort of power to harm you (I mean, to what extent and in what way, so I can see if these things have happened)? The Lord of the Rings and Harry Potter are old favorites, which I still like to read again. LOTR is painfully beautiful, though I do find certain elements offensive, but I I'm not sure I see offensive religious content there. It was an inspiration to me as a writer (the style, not the content). So there's a sentimental attachment there. HP was just a fun romp, great for laughs and light adventure. Both were written by Christians, and I really never understood the opposition to them. It seemed crazy to me, to be honest. None of them portray God in a poor light; actually, they're pro-faith and pro-God, although not explicitly Christian. What about about Terry Pratchett and others like Douglas Adams? Halloween? I don't even like most fantasy, actually; more and more, it tends to have extremely vile philosophical underpinnings - and that's what I react against. I tend to have a strong aversion to things that are unnatural/unholy in their philosophies, rather than superficial external elements. So that's what I tend to go by - the spirit in things, not their "props," which can just be meaningless/symbolic, etc. And I just don't see that in the spirit and philosophy of LOTR, or even HP. Not sure about Discworld, but that's not as much a favorite re-read. Is it OK to read the other two again (eventually, not now when I'm weak) just to discern and get a clear understanding about it one way or the other? Then I could finally put the concern to rest... Still, I lurched into a cult as a young girl after a life of abuse, so I'm pretty superstitious, and I get freaked out about all kinds of things. I can't tell if this is a real danger or another vestige of cult thinking. Part of me is afraid of even having them in my possession (I haven't, for years, haven't even accessed them online for ages). Would that in itself be dangerous? Or do you think it's only in the way they influence your heart and mind that they can be bad? I'm trying to understanding the logic of people who do hold such views (and those who don't) so I can understand the reasoning and discern properly. It might help to make me more determined to avoid them while I am sick, at the least, if I here some reasoning behind rejection of these things. Well, thanks for reading and for any advice. I know this is long, and sorry if it's not fully coherent. Neither am I at the moment. I might have a fever and no medicine, so...
  3. Daughter of God

    Question about Questions

    Thanks! Not sure how I missed those.
  4. Daughter of God

    Question about Questions

    Where do I post a question? It's on the spiritual life, coming from someone who needs some advice about turning back to God. I'm wondering if I need to give some things up. It doesn't quite seem to fit anywhere...
  5. Daughter of God

    Do not let your daughters read Teen Vogue

    Dear God, this is...infernal. As is the rest of the homo campaign to degrade/mutilate/harm females. (Among other things, the claim that female genital mutilation is "no worse" than male circumcision, which I've heard from suspiciously more gays than anyone else.) I used to be involved with "3rd Wave Feminism" (a total reversal of the gains made by classical feminists for the benefit of gays and trannies), and the whole push for "hetero" sodomy has a LOT to do with a tangled mess of confused misogyny and homo fear/envy. There is also a push to teach kids - in school sex ed classes - about S&M, and how it's beneficial. Sheer evil. Words really fail me.
  6. Daughter of God

    Your favorite Author

    Hm, really hard to pick just one. To name a few - Donna Tartt, George Eliot, J.K Rowling, J.R.R. Tolkien, Anthony Horowitz, Karin Lowachee...
  7. Daughter of God

    Really Need Prayer

    Hi, all. I'm very sick, had a relapse this evening, and struggling through...A LOT. I don't have the energy to drag it all out here now, but it's extreme. And I think the devil is trying to foil my very recent re-conversion. He doesn't want to let me go, but God has promised that HE won't let me go. I just want to turn back to Him and fully give my life over to Him. Please pray for me. I really need it. I'm beset with temptations right now. I need to stay true to the path God is showing me, but I feel so very weak, and faltering with each day. I'm physically weak, and uncomfortable, and it's hard to even concentrate. And I find myself continually avoiding reading the Bible, prayer... Anyway, I don't know what else to write for now. Not at my best. Thanks. God bless.
  8. Daughter of God


    Hi. I just joined. I never know what to say in these introductions, but I look forward to exploring the community. I've only read a few things so far, but this seems like a good group! Oh, and I'm a very recent re-convert. I'm trying to come into the light out of the darkness...but of course it's hard to tell sometimes where one begins and the other ends, so I thought it might be a good idea to seek a community of Christians. I don't go to church now, and I'm moving soon, so I hope to find a good one soon when I get where I'm going. God bless.