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  1. "Adam was not deceived, but the woman." Pop Quiz: "Was Adam deceived?" Lol.
  2. I did not infer I make any rules here. Do you follow your own rules, or do you cut yourself slack? Do you allow yourself to make personal accusatory statements in violation of your own rules? Got a Godly answer to Magnify Christ? I see you cannot state where I have twisted The Word of God.
  3. Thank you for having the wisdom to ask for help from God. 1 Tim. 2:14 states, "Adam was not deceived, but the woman being deceived was in the transgression." Are you able to say "Thank you?"
  4. Yes, the TR is indeed a "Geek" text. It also contains other ancient languages. I suggest you review the Posting Guidelines where personal accusations and criticisms are not allowed. Need I, or someone else, help you with them? Remember, according to Christ, you will be judged as you judge others. Right now, you have the occasion and the opportunity to straighten out your heart. There is no reward awaiting those who remain petty and stubborn.
  5. Paul states death and sin came into the World through "the woman," Adam did not transgress. Study it. Genetically determined sin is not part of this OP. Please start your own discussion. Thank you.
  6. You say I have no evidence there is no evidence. Are you finding some thin thoughts to share? Please be refreshingly aware there indeed are given by God in Genesis and in other Scriptures many geneologies which are not part of Christ's lineage. Do you need someone to do that homework for you? As well, are you unable to do the word study upon "imagine/imagination" as they occur in translation? Women are not given in The Genesis Geneologies because from that time and throughout Scripture they are of less account than Men, are not pillars within the Kingdom of God, are not functionaries within either the Mosaic Law or the Church, and have authority over nothing. Genesis does say there are women. Please review your thoughts using The Word of God.
  7. Yes, there is telling how many offspring Adam had before Cain and Able. Zero. There Is no geneology to claim otherwise. Thirty four of the 35 times "imagine/imagination" is written in Testus Receptus translated as such from 12 original Text words scecifically call human "imagine/imagination" as being "evil" and "from the Devil." Should you be using your imagination to exegete Scripture? No Scripture states the sons of Seth are "The Sons of God."
  8. Let's go ahead and briefly review the 800 year time line so skillfully mentioned. Cain made his safety plea to God before the birth of Seth and before the 800 years. Therefore, the siblings and family of Adam had not yet come into being. Not quite yet, even for purposes of a thin discussion point. Cain spoke of people extant at the time of his fear for his life before the 800 years. From where did these existing people originate? Not from Adam, and to admit this point will send nobody to Hell. God is Truth, popularized human notions and short sight are not Truth. Let us again praise God for the excellence of His Word, available to those unappointed hearts who deign confusion of sequential logic.
  9. The Text does not specify "whole human race." If it does, cite the words rather than assume. if Cain feared for his life at the hands of other existing people, having knowledge that other nonsiblings existed on Earth, where did these people come from? Please Glorify our Savior with sentient assessments in order to magnify the Name of God.
  10. Garrison

    Matt. 7:14, The Finest Gospel.

    "Strait is the gate, and narrow is the way, which leads into life, and few there be that find it." This is part of the Glorious Gospel, the Good News, fresh from the mouth of Christ. Salvation unto life is severely constrained, limited to only a "few," not appointed by predestination or call because the few must "find it." The Text does not say, "Few there be that are predestined." This arrangement is not open for discussion or interpretation. It is entirely specified by Christ. There is no context available to modify the plain statements in verses 13-14. And, Professional Evangelical Church Talkers will at most give only a passing nod to Matt. 7:13-14. They know very well to actually preach what Jesus declared will not fill their sanctuary, and will not bring in much money. Let us lift our hands and delight our hearts for this blessing from God. The Old Covenant of being a chosen people has become the New Covenant for those having the impetus and resources to "find" the Strait and Narrow Salvation through obedience to all of Christ's Commands. "You are my friend if you do what I command."
  11. "Let Us Make Man In Our Image." Here we have the first shakey little speculation for The Trinity. With all faithful presumption and circular profundity applied to it. All Commentators heave up to their highest verbal bombaffery a supposed perspective upon God's action in 1:26, yet skirt around this little word "Our." No Text sheds any light upon it. They desperately preach to suggest "Our" is the Trinity. This is a clear example of both the lack of discernment The Holy Spirit confers upon seminal components of Scripture, and reveals the Spirit of False Speculation trotted out by Professional Church Talkers with their companion Academic Thumb Twiddlers.
  12. All living what? Tell me about your assumptions.
  13. In fact, today we have no idea what was the original genotype and phenotype of God's original design of Man. Increasingly these days during Archeological work, atypical hominids are being dug up, many having enough DNA residue to be sequenced, whereby heretofore unknown profiles are astonishingly identified. Transhumanism in the Garden of Eden occurred via Eve's submission to Satan, where she crossed the barrier into knowledge, and she with Adam were then changed. Fallen angels mated with human females and produced Nephalim Giants. The Philistines perpetuated the Nephalim lineage. Each Race on Earth had its own Creator, YHWH being that of the Semites. The "humanism" we claim to experience in ourselves today is but a fraction of the capacity of our brains. During creation, God repeatedly stated the parameter of all creatures to be "After Its Kind," indicating those barriers are at risk to be violated. And it repeatedly has occurred, even within the Human Genome. The naivety of Christians today upon this is astounding. There are no genetically pure humans living today.
  14. 1.) They spend their Sermon time trying to get their listeners to do things they themseves do not materially demonstrate. Jesus and The Apostles materially demonstrated all they preached. 2.) They provide to their audience prechewed, partially digested, and regurgitated Spiritual Food, rather than requiring their listeners to step up and feed themselves The Word of God. They run a Spiritual Welfare Soup Kitchen, where they want their listeners to remain utterly dependent upon them for spiritual food. 3.) They mix their personal feelings, opinions, ideas, hopes, desires, exaggerations, and agendas in with The Word of God, and then try to call the resulting mixture "The Word of God." 4.) They skillfully use nonstop rhetoric devices to leverage their listeners into agreement with them, as if they have the best and final explanations of Righteousness before God. 5.) They are unable to be interrupted during the delivery of their planned comments from the pulpit. They are thin skinned, afraid, and arrogant.
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