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  1. No I didn't want them to... :( I've talked to a counsellor about it a few years ago, and I got it off my chest and eventually told my family. But I carried that guilt for years before and I just felt awful about the whole thing... I don't think my denomination has pastors, but yes, finding a Christian counsellor would help a lot. The last psychologist I had was atheist and just seemed like she couldn't really understand the emotions in the situation, she said it was, 'wishful thinking', wishful thinking my a*** what a load of bull. If wishful thinking worked I'd have no problems! She wasn't a very helpful psychologist anyway in the end... But I got a lot of things off my chest though... I'm not sure if I really believe in the devil or not.
  2. Say, hypothetically Jesus comes back tomorrow... Or the saints are 'saved' in time of war. Our pets that are currently with us, do you think they'll come with us or stay 'in the world?'. I couldn't imagine my pets being helpless and in pain. 😞
  3. The Pope...? :/ Whoever it is or whoever they are... They'll lose in end... (Maybe I should stop worrying about it too much.)
  4. Warmy

    Fit For The Light

    So... In short you're saying people who think they're good enough for God are fit for the light and people who think they aren't good enough for God are self-righteous???
  5. I have a confession. Probably something no one else has put up with as far as I know of... No one I've spoken to has had this same problem as me. Anyhow..... It's really difficult for me to pray, because whilst I'm praying evil or awful thoughts from my subconscious come into the prayers and you just don't know how horrible/anxiety inducing it is to deal with... I don't want anything bad to happen to anyone. Because when I was a kid, it happened once, I thought it was my fault for years that someone died. Turns out they left a note a few weeks earlier, but me praying (unintentionally) for that person to die, was a REALLY horrible experience, and I didn't want to, and it certainly never was my intention, it just popped up. I've had trouble praying ever since... So if you want, could you please pray for me not to have difficulty praying etc? Thank you...
  6. Warmy

    Your favorite Author

    ....T.E Lawrence... ...Yep.
  7. Warmy

    Hello everyone!

    Thanks everyone! ^_^
  8. Warmy


    Hello, not exactly sure where to put this thread. Now, I believe that our worst (or one of our worst) enemies are Freemasons. A monetary organization with... Lots of elites and world leaders in it, reading their website makes me puke, to quote, "Yes, we have secrets". Yes, secrets they don't tell anyone outside or lower ranking members, now why would that be? I believe it's because their 'secrets' are evil abd they don't want you to know. Here are some reading links if you're interested, interpret them how you will, I don't believe everything in them, but they have some merit: https://www.biblebelievers.org.au/masons.htm http://www.express.co.uk/news/world/...nes-Bilderberg http://disinfo.com/2016/01/freemason...nity-from-ats/ Now I'm sure you've all heard of pizza gate and such other things, I believe they are doings of secret societies and are for the people in them.... Now just to be FAIR, I will post some links that... Isn't against Freemasonry or just neutral, not that I like it, but you can make your own choice. http://disinfo.com/2009/09/freemasons-fact-vs-fiction/ http://disinfo.com/2015/10/ive-learn...on-left-order/ Okay, I know I haven't sourced many websites. I HAVE been to a lot of websites but unfortunately I don't remember all of them. But hopefully this will be OK for you, for now. Anyhow, what are your views on Freemasons and other secret societies and how do they correlate with the Bible? To start off, I think they and other secret societies are trying to diminish Christian beliefs and morality. They promote, immorality- do what you want, when you want where you want- no consequences... They say... All of the sex images on TV, magazines, temptations, entertainment and other things to turn our attention away from God. Of course people have brains and make their own choices, but having things flashed in your face everywhere doesn't help, not to mention subliminal or subtle mind programming. We just have to try really hard not to fall into temptation... Now I know I'm not really one to say this as I've sinned many times myself, but I just want to help others from sin.
  9. And the leaders at the top don't believe in Islam OR Christianity. They want people to be divided, they love seeing the chaos and destruction. I'm not sure if the devil exists or not, but if he is, all of this division and chaos is for him, his servers, the governments, high officials of the world, the "elite".
  10. That's because the Freemasons want to wipe out Christianity, and they're the people that own all this entertainment stuff. Funny how they're promoting every other religion except Christianity. They ask also plan an Islamic take over around the world. Anyone trying to tell me that Freemasonry is a religion, don't try, I know its a monetary thing, and the leaders at the top are all evil old men (and women) (but women aren't allowed in the Blue Lodge...). People at the bottom (most of them) mean well, and don't know who and what they're really serving...
  11. We all know the end times are coming and God said that no man will know the hour, not even Jesus, only God himself. I guess to people throughout the centuries it all felt like the end times (I don't blame them), so people predicting return dates... I don't blame that either. That being said I wouldn't give someone an exact date, I would just say, "I believe Jesus will return between X years or in X amount of years".
  12. Warmy

    Why are people attacking my faith so hard?

    Hi. I know how you feel. I live in Australia and our most recent census says that faith is declining, which I find really sad. :( Welcome and I hope you can rebuild your faith up... I need to rebuild mine too...
  13. Warmy

    Hello from Mississippi

    Hi Nick. An astronomer who has a belief in God. I'm sure you'll be interesting in discussions! Haha, welcome.
  14. Warmy

    Hello from South Florida

    Hi. Sounds like you're having a rough time... :( Hope you can feel better soon.