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  1. Joefizz

    Joefizz video's/music

    Two new songs of mine are available on my channel!
  2. Joefizz

    Hello from the sunny South!

    Welcome here you can discuss with bible smart people and possibly make new friends,hope you like it here!
  3. Joefizz

    Joefizz video's/music

    Cool well now I have a total of 4 songs 3 without the rotation thing though ironically the "experiment" worked so far that video has gotten about 20 views in a short time!
  4. Joefizz

    Joefizz video's/music

    (Update) I now just added two more songs to my youtube channel and even a link to my channel on Twitter! Things are getting "interesting"!
  5. Joefizz

    Joefizz video's/music

    no problem after all you don't have to if you don't want to, I might try that movie maker.
  6. Joefizz

    Calvinism: What Have We Been Elected For?

    Oh believe me I know the feeling I'm no "rookie" with this anymore,the biggest thing I have had to deal with is explaining "salvation" not by works and that none of us is perfect/sinless yet once in awhile on Christian sites I discuss on we get "trolls" even some of them believe the earth is flat and that they "must" tell everyone!
  7. Joefizz

    Calvinism: What Have We Been Elected For?

    So basically the all around understanding is that God gives mercy to who he wants no matter if good or evil has been done and that actually makes sense because esau and jacob were no exception to having adam's old sin yet between the two God lifted up jacob and loved him and hated esau and lowered him.
  8. Joefizz

    Calvinism: What Have We Been Elected For?

    Very well I shall see about those scriptures.
  9. Joefizz

    Calvinism: What Have We Been Elected For?

    Where is written that God "hated" esau?in Genesis Isaac loves esau and rebekkah loves jacob(just turned to genesis) and the only separation God told of was that from both children would be two nations one ruling the other.
  10. Joefizz

    Joefizz video's/music

    @William the site you linked didn't fix my rotation problem anyways I got a lot of "notice" so I think I'll keep the video as is and make a "review video" without rotation later on after I finish making videos for all 16 of my songs for God so far I only have two.
  11. Thank you I felt ascension of Jesus was "important" because resurrection alone is nearly beyond our comprehension but "ascending"? Talk about being thrown for a loop!
  12. Don't forget his "ascension" either because it was apart of "faith" because rather than being here physically he ascended from earth and sent the holy spirit for comfort I can only imagine how tough that was on his disciples at first but it makes sense because remembering "doubting thomas" and what james says on faith I believe that his ascension was a "final test" because as many know it's very "easy" and doesn't require a lot of faith to trust someone who is "present on earth physically" but, trusting in someone who is not physically present on earth it leaves room for doubt but also "strong faith" for Jesus said "blessed are they who have not seen and believed". I guess it's like saying "our sight" can lead us to take others for granted including Jesus and the scripture that fits appropriately with that is... 2 Corinthians 5:7(KJV) (For we walk by faith, not by sight:)
  13. Joefizz

    Joefizz video's/music

    Ok and believe me if the video gets a dislike I'll change it to be normal early.
  14. Joefizz

    Joefizz video's/music

    Well I could but as I posted I may "wait" a bit to see what happens to just experiment to see if I get "more viewers" that way though I realize it looks "odd".
  15. Joefizz

    Joefizz video's/music

    Well I asked for permission and according to the admin this is the best place to post so I'll a post one link to start and if anyone's interested enough I'll answer questions and of course I would definitely like some "constructive criticism",I don't mind a person thinking my videos are lame but if people are going to critique my videos then I'd like more than just comments like "it was boring"or "needs work"know what I mean anyways here's the first link...https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=7Ku4B6vt-yA(video is side ways because I was using a phone stand for the first time and I could have tried again but from some previous constructive criticism of having things "interesting" I figured I'd keep it because some things catch people's eye if they are "out of the ordinary" and plus it's me being genuine instead of repeating over and over to get things just so)