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  1. Joefizz

    Eternal Election

    Yeah many take the scriptures and make it mean that everyone will be saved,but though it means "all" the "condition" of "believe" is often "misinterpreted" people thinking that you simply "claim" to know Jesus to be saved instead of "accepting him" and "changing" gradually.
  2. Joefizz

    Hi! I'm Willie T

    no doubt that you have.
  3. Joefizz

    Help me!!!

    Such a rare time someone so symmetrical to me coming around,decided to give everyone the trophy reaction in this thread out of a bit of joy. You aaron sound very much like me before I came to accept Jesus Christ as Saviour and Lord,dreams that come true,speaking to God,and feeling "unimportant",and even "sharing other people's dreams a rare moment indeed I haven't known anyone until now that has had that particular sensation! Anyways down to getting to the heart of the matter as I'm sure you would want others to,from my own experience much of the dreams especially "dreams or visions" that come true most likely it is a "bait" by satan to think that you can "predict the future" as for speaking to God I have many times "spoken" to God but not him "directly to me" so though you say you are "important" those who are "important" to Gid are spoken to in dreams or somewhat directly but you may want to "clarify" more so that we all can help "discern" whom is speaking to you and from whom these dreams are coming from for actually you are "correct" biblically there are no more prophets though it's still possible for God to give dreams or instruction for some form of purpose though you are right to seek "understanding" and "help" because 9 times out of 10 so to speak such things turn out to be from satan/the devil,so please share more while keeping in mind that you are important here and to God either way this turns out.
  4. Joefizz

    Requesting Prayer for June 12th Primaries

    Well got work in the morning good night and may God bless you all!
  5. Joefizz

    Requesting Prayer for June 12th Primaries

    Sure how about a "that was awesome" reaction,or a gif of the grinch saying "Brilliant"!
  6. Joefizz

    About fighting and self defense

    To simplify if you see anyone in danger or in need and you "can help them" you help them otherwise you are not abiding by one of the two commandments in which all the law and prophets hang that Jesus said to follow the other is "love" the Lord thy God with all thy heart,soul,mind,and strength.
  7. Joefizz

    About fighting and self defense

    Well concerning killing and self defense and love particularly "love thy neighbor as yourself" Jesus gave a great parable on this of the good Samaritan,a man was beaten up by thieves and dieing,one person passed by and didn't have time to help,the other was fearful that thieves were about(both saw the man) and then the good Samaritan passed by noticed the man,helped to mend his wounds,brought him to an inn and paid for his lodging(basically he helped him in whatever way possible) and after the parable Jesus asked "who was the man's neighbor"? and Peter replied the one whom helped him. And Jesus said "thou has spoken well".
  8. Joefizz

    About fighting and self defense

    Junior high people? You know that's rather "prejudice" many age groups bring up "valid points" I've even known a five year old to do so concerning "God's word" and the definition of what makes a statement or answer "immature" is "debatable".
  9. Joefizz

    Whining board?

    Isn't that what the "Bog of eternal stench" is for? lol!
  10. Joefizz

    Whining board?

    Goodnight everyone and may God bless you all!
  11. Joefizz

    Whining board?

    Actually make that 6 sites figured since I'm feeling better that I'd try to expand my horizons again.
  12. Joefizz

    Whining board?

    Kind of funny "for me" because I post and stay logged into 5 Christian sites including this one and when someone "whines" at me I sometimes "don't even notice" like one time I prayed for a guy and he didn't like me praying for him,and was "threatening me" and I didn't "notice" his post for I think like a "month" lol!(typically I stay logged in,last few months had head pressure and mold so brought my site posting to about one site for a long while)
  13. Joefizz

    Whining board?

    Lol who knows?
  14. Yeah and pride can be bad if "misplaced" but standing firm on God's word is something to be proud of though we truly give God the "glory" by attesting that his word is "True".
  15. Joefizz

    Whining board?

    Is this part of the forum for crying like a baby or complaining about stuff??? lol