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  1. I would suggest you are the one that doesn't understand that everything I referred to has not a thing to do with what you're describing.
  2. I'm thinking they'll use those tanks in order to come and get our guns. American's wont just roll over and allow themselves to be disarmed. Our unalienable 2nd amendment rights stripped from us. Leaving us as sitting ducks while the criminal element that doesn't obey laws would then have a field day meeting no resistance. Not a chance! During the Obama administration from time to time the news would report new weaponry designed to "fight terrorism". But terrorist and terrorism are relative terms. Now that Donald Trump is in office do you notice? No such reporting that forewarned the American people that a weapon designed to fight "them" can be turned on "us". Can New 5G Technology and Smart Meters be Used as Weapons? Heat ray guns aren't the stuff of Sci-Fi movies anymore! What stops this "non-lethal" weapon from cooking those targeted by its heat wave? The operator! Do not believe this weapon cannot kill you!
  3. Pouty Puppy

    Same-Sex Attraction is Sinful

    Those are twisted hypothetical's to precede the observation concerning Jesus. Let me put it this way to one who imagines child rape is in any way relevant to homosexuality, Jesus was never tempted to rape a child. And homosexuality is not equivalent to pedophilia.
  4. OK, that's going to leave a mark.
  5. Texas school shooting: First funeral scheduled for Sunday as community continues to mourn
  6. Happened to me in the years I was in school. I think it was to make all aware of how it would feel if any one of us went as far afield as the guilty party in our class. But this isn't school. This is suppose to be Christians gathering in community. And as we know, Jesus said , where there are two or more gathered in His Name, so too is he among them. Now, picture that beautiful fact. Glorious isn't it? The sweet sacred spirit of our Lord here among us? Then darken that visual and those feelings with the factual presence of that adversary to that feeling. The other forum I mentioned appears to be dying a slow death for lack of attendance. But the dark perpetrators there have moved on to greener pastures. Hoping to accomplish elsewhere what they succeeded in making reality in the past. Wolves! We know them by their fruit.
  7. Well, there's no Christian charity nor compassion in those remarks is there. I explained why I posted this.
  8. Meet the Lenco Bearcat at $200 to $250 thousand dollars each. "Army technology". Militarizing the police. Do we think we're going to see an official police state installed in America in our lifetimes? FOX NEWS Video and Article
  9. God have mercy. 🙏 Fox News Shooting victims' names begin to emerge; 1st Texas casualty to be ID'd was substitute teacher Pictured top right, Cynthia Tisdale
  10. Well said. The Boston marathon terrorist bombing utilized a pressure cooker. Remember when the news reported some stores were no longer selling pressure cookers after that? It's hard to understand how a school misses that common denominator in school shootings. Priorities are screwed up. They don't do much to stop bullying, but let it be found out a student plans to thank God during their graduation ceremony and all manner of stoppage efforts ensue.
  11. That was never my intention when I used the report button. Forums typically have rules about going far afield and derailing a topic. As to closing the category, antagonist behavior and personal attacks by a handful of persons caused a forum to do that very thing. Remove the political forum. I suspect gaining that victory as well as a prohibition against discussing OSAS due to the same type behaviors in a minority number of persons. Making a rule to extricate the subject so as to preclude the minority from acting the backside. I suspect when a forum augments its forums discussion model due to the minority of trouble makers rather than banning those so that others can discuss in peace in all forums as is, so as to bring peace to the board, that those few who had no respect for the board feel gratified. And then they move on to other sites acting the same way and hoping for the same result. Not impossible being this forum and a few others were posted by a member at that other site so as to announce there were other political forums where conversations could continue. Reasonable people can discuss one topic and its particulars and lend to many pages of engaging dialog. The trouble that arrives inevitably however is the unreasonable who enter in and commit to what use to be a punch line in a late night TV comedy show, and only because very young children behaved in the manner parodied by that show. The, I know I am but what are you? Only in political debates it appears as, someone posts a news report about a Liberal politician. Then someone else posts an old report similar to the contemporary one so as to impart that I know model in the form of, I know what Hillary did but look at what they accused Trump of! The difference being there is evidence for Hillary's offense in this case. My report wasn't asking any staff to take sides. Since that report is being alluded to here. Rather, my intention was to hopefully stop a derail so that anti-Trump propaganda hasn't one more thread to occupy so as to repeat the same message. Trump sucks. And also to fan the flames and feed off of the responding drama. This OP article is news because Hillary took campaign funds she wasn't entitled to. The Clinton's have a history of absconding with assets for themselves when they work in public office or, in this case run for public office. Remember how the Clinton's had to return a lot of gifts they'd received in their terms in the White house? They claimed they thought the gifts they received from dignitaries and other guests there were theirs to keep. Later Hillary claimed when she and Bill left the office they were dead broke. There is a saying, the root of all evil is money. That actually misrepresents the evil that is there. It is exceeding love for money that is the root of all evil. At this stage of the game Hillary R. Clinton lives in a veritable forest of money trees deeply rooted in evil. Some of the tap roots reach all the way to Russia. And there is proof. There is proof sustaining all criminal charges levied against HRC. But HRC isn't worried. Because she knows no one in D.C. who know here would dare wield an ax so as to start making lumber to build houses for the homeless therein making great use in recycling evil for good. And just to add this. Moderators of a forum are suppose to take sides when you think about it. They're suppose to keep a thread friendly, and on topic. That's taking a side. The Christian doesn't stop being a Christian when they discuss politics or any other hot button issue.
  12. I agree, thank God for the Doral and Miami Dade police fast response in neutralizing this thread. DId you see on the right of that article you linked? There was a school shooting in Georgia too. The world was mad before but it is growing worse . 🙏 God have mercy and comfort everyone.
  13. In the case of school shootings it would be his fifteen minutes of infamy. I agree there should be a news blackout for reporting school shootings or any other terrorist strikes in America. But that won't happen because, as a movie line in the film, 15 Minutes, as the Kelsey Grammar character described the priority rule in broadcast news: If it bleeds it leads. Media thrives on drama and stoking drama so that follow up stories keep people faithful to the network reporting. That being the case I believe a Christian forum anywhere on the net is an ideal place to post what is already brought to our attentions by media , so that while most others are fed and feed into the drama, the family in Christ can pray for everyone who are the unfortunate targets in what made the drama make news.
  14. Dimitrios Pagourtzis A high school student wearing a “Born to Kill’’ T-shirt shouted, “Surprise!” — then opened fire on his school in Santa Fe, Texas, with a shotgun Friday morning, killing 10 students and a teacher and injuring 10 more, authorities and reports said. ... More @ this link This young man was reportedly going to commit suicide after this massacre but said he couldn't go through with it. Hey, "Born to Kill"? You're a mass murderer in Texas! The state will kill you because they have a death penalty in Texas.
  15. Hatred resides in the "who" that appear in any environment.
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