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  1. That's certainly a factor, our schools are terrible.
  2. Society has conditioned children to be children up till thier 20s, the is a very low expectancy of young people than what there used to be. Think of this, John Quincy Adams was 14 when he traveled to France as a translator and secretary. Children used to serve in wars, maybe that's a little too high of an expectation, but... Point is society keeps children immature by babying them more and more. I don't think it his age makes he any less guilty, his mind was like that of any mass murder. Many kids have open access to guns and manage to not go on a shooting spree.
  3. Innerfire89

    Prayer, my father is passing

    Just read this now, sorry for your loss brother.
  4. Innerfire89

    God’s hatred

    What are you talking about, never have I even hinted that I was better than anyone else, I didn't change the meaning any verse from scripture, that's a flat out lie. You say I don't pray, read, or meditate, another lie. How are is the life, death, and resurrection of Christ a commentary of the old testament? If you recognize that recognize that as literal historic fact then you are lost! I'm hoping you just don't understand what the word "commentay" means instead. We are not even on the same page here, it's like your having a converation with someone else.
  5. It's funny how the news channels won't talk about how he is a Satanist, right on his Facebook page is a big pentagram.
  6. Innerfire89

    God’s hatred

    A commentary would go like this, the words say this and here's what it means. But what we see is" so you have heard, but I say to you". Dont worry about "keeping it nice" since you didn't do so to begin with. I don't care if you have high view of yourself because of some pastor that didnt argue with you.
  7. Innerfire89

    Hey, That's Not Sincere Worship!

    What exacty do you mean by institutional religion? Like the PCA, SBC, ect..ect.. It seems like you jump to some conclusions there, from your opinions of churches to assumptions that the members are insincere in their practices, quite a serious accusation to just toss around here and there. The Bible uses titles, such as elder, nothing pretentious about being in a role with a title, like the Chruch the Bible.
  8. Innerfire89

    Trouble with style in Old Testament

    I think a better question is how can God be wrong in those commands to the Israelites? Or how can we say God was wrong or immoral in any way whatsoever? We can't judge God when he is the authority of right and wrong. God has every right to do with his creation as he sees fit. God is no different in the new testament than he is in the old, just consider the bowl punishments in Revelations.
  9. Innerfire89

    Mixing Metaphors

    What happens in Vegas, gives you lemons.
  10. Innerfire89

    Dealing with a chronic complainer.

    If only they could be banned in real life. lol.
  11. Innerfire89

    God’s hatred

    Well, I wasn't looking for a fight to the death, but the truth is always important and not all arguments have to turn into a metaphorical blood bath. If this is somting you don't want to discuss then there isn't much point in discussing it. But you say you don't want a brawl and then return punches (aruments) while saying it. My point in my last comment was what those verses show. Jesus Christ, The God/man, went beyond following the commandments of the old testament.
  12. Innerfire89

    Mixing Metaphors

    When one door closes, another door opens. + When life gives you lemons, make lemonade. = When one door closes, make lemonade.
  13. Innerfire89

    God’s hatred

    Jesus came to fulfill the law of the old testament, Matthew 5:17, not provide commentaries. The righteousness of the law could not be meet in the flesh, Romans 3-4. No man is justifed by works of the law, Galatians 3:11, a commentary on the law would be worthless. Matthew 5:21-48 Cleary show that the new testament is not commentaries.
  14. Innerfire89

    God’s hatred

    I wasn't being argumentative with you. The new testament is just as much God's word as it is the old. What does Mal. 3:6 have to do with this?
  15. Innerfire89

    Demons block prayers?

    I'm only trying to speak the truth to the best of my ability to correct what I'm convinced is in error. Speaking in unknown tounges is one of the less serious issues that I'm addressing in this thread. What I take issue with is that there are some who believe you must pray in tounges or demons will ruin your prayers, and how Matthew 6:6 is so twisted and pulled out of context to support this teaching, it totally blinds the lesson being taught in the context.