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  1. Innerfire89

    Does the Bible condone slavery?

    The evidence for a creator is obviously creation. There is no way to say that the God or the Bible is immoral, God is the authority of morality and the bible is His word. To say that God wouldn't condone this or command that based on your own opinion doesn't make sence, that's like saying that your God and think as God thinks, which is ludicrous. Do you see anywhere in the bible where it prescribes to kill birds to cure disease? No, your lumping all beliefs in the supernatural to make a straw man argument. Science and religion are not two separate things, science is simply the study of the natural world. Going into space helped no one, it had no real significance. Inventing technology has absolutely nothing to do with belief in God, except for the maybe Amish. Christianity has changed many cultures for the better, but eugenics, which stems from Darwinism, lead to millions of deaths.
  2. Innerfire89

    The Problem

    And that's why you hire a hit man. Lol, just kidding.
  3. Innerfire89

    Top Three Favorite Christian Books

    #1. 100 Questions and Anwsers by R.C. Sproul. Or maybe it was 1000 questions, either way R.C. does an excellent job answering many common questions pertaining to Christianity. #2. The Reformed Faith by Lorraine Bottner. I not sure if most would count it as a book because it's only twenty something pages, but it's a powerful little book explaining and the five points of Calvinism to Arminianism. #3. Pilgrims Progress. We all know what that's about already.
  4. Innerfire89

    Religious obsessive compulsive disorder

    Intrusive thoughts could be nothing, I would imagine people have intrusive thoughts all the time and don't realize it. Thoughts are kinda like that, especially when it's something as horrible as blasphemy. Anything that's horrible has a way of replaying in the mind, like the scene of a car accident for example. It's possible that someone is demonicly possessed or influenced I guess, but there should be more evidence than that.
  5. Innerfire89

    Joefizz video's/music

    I watched the first video, I liked the song, the only thing I would suggest is rotating the videos, people on YouTube are very picky about those kinds of things. If you really want to make your videos interesting then you could add some pyrotechnics in the background. Lol. But that took guts, I make my own videos on YouTube and I couldn't upload ones where I was talking because I was too nervous and my voice just sounds terrible to myself, no way I could sing.
  6. Innerfire89

    #ChurchToo movement?

    2Timothy 3:5-6.
  7. Innerfire89

    New prayer request.

    Awhile ago I made a request asking prayer for the family of a man who was dying. The same family just lost a member due to sucice, it was the elderly wife of the dead man. This family has more problems than I can write about, the biggest concern is the kids. This family, especially those kids, are in need of prayer. Stay strong in Christ and be blessed everyone.
  8. Innerfire89

    #ChurchToo movement?

    Sadly it's all over the place. The ridiculous amount of sex abuse in the Roman Catholic church is a topic in and of itself, it almost seems like the abuse is done for some specific, hidden reason.
  9. Innerfire89


    It's good that you want to get back with your ex, but both of you should make your getting back together official. In other words, don't just have sex with your ex, have sex with your spouse again. I've seen it quite a few times that ex's will start to come back together and start having sex again because they were once one flesh, but then one of them goes of again and dose thier own thing, not truly respecting marriage or their spouse, they're just justifying their way of putting out the fire in thier pants.
  10. Innerfire89

    #ChurchToo movement?

    I haven't heard much about it after making this thread, maybe it fizzled out. The focus of the movement is exposing sexual abuse from clegry, pastors, decons, or elders in the church. That is a good thing to do, expose every wolf. But #metoo and #ChurchToo are more about telling the story, which would give people a one sided view of the Church as a whole.
  11. Innerfire89

    Gay pride month, now for kids?!

    Not a thought I wanted in my head, but true. Sex reassignment from male to female is just castration leaving a big open wound. The whole thing sounds insane to be called a medical practice.
  12. How about Peter when he wouldn't eat with the Gentiles when the Jews were around? That was pride.
  13. All foods are good for you, all foods are bad, and everything gives you cancer, all according to "science" anyways. What kind of bread are we actually talking about? There's the stuff you buy in grocery stores that have a long list of ingredients and then there's just plain bread without all the preservatives and what not be in it, and then then there is bread from Heaven, which was probably pretty good. Lol.
  14. Innerfire89

    Gay pride month, now for kids?!

    The last I heard it was LGBTQI+ the "I" stands for incest.
  15. Innerfire89

    Eternal Election

    My comment to you was a simple misundersanting. I don't don't know too many arminians that believe in eternal security. The five points of Calvinism tells us what Calvinist belive, four or three point Calvinist aren't actually Calvinist.