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  1. THANK YOU. That really kind of clicked in my head reading that. Thank you very much.
  2. Is there any silver lining I can take away from this? I am extremely busy with life and I've just found myself worrying about all the requirements and ins and outs of being a Christian all the time, which is really decreasing my performance at work and school work
  3. I really believe in God fully for the first time ever in my life. This forum is part helping and part hurting. I don't really understand people's responses because I literally have absolutely zero prior knowledge about God and Jesus. All of the sudden people telling me that now since I believe in God I have to turn away from all sin and live a completely different life is stressing me out. I literally have been extremely happy with my life. I was hoping becoming a Christian and introducing God into my life would just make me even happier but that's not the case. I just feel guilty and overwhelmed. Praying to God and being honest with myself to Him has been the only benefit, that's when I feel like I can trust. It's hard to trust people's responses on here because everything is just an interpretation of what He really wants. One person can have one interpretation while another can be completely different.
  4. Thanks for helping me by the way, it means a lot.
  5. Uhm, to be honest with you, I have literally zero background in religion or anything. I've gone to a Christian church sometimes with my family but I've never really listened. Not because I was trying to go against God or anything I just literally didn't think about it. It wasn't something that was ever talked about in my family. A very bad accident I was involved in and tough times in my family led me to have life changing events that increased my belief in God. This was years ago, and being fully recovered mentally from everything, all of a sudden I'm really feeling a pull to give more of my heart and soul to God. I think the main way becoming a Christian can help me is to reduce my anxiety and worry. I usually feel the need to control everything and it stressed me out. If I can fully believe in God and a much greater plan I think it can ease my mind. So maybe that could be an aspect of being saved by grace. True happiness that can't be taken away or reduced from day to day because it is constant because the happiness is resting in God.
  6. I have always honestly tried my hardest to be a good person. I have just never done it for the purpose of God or religion. But I guess it seems like it's important to be a Godly person to be thankful and obedient to God.
  7. Will I always have the nature of Adam? I just always need to try to minimize it and make sure I'm a slave to God, rather than a slave to sin?
  8. I just don't want God to think I'm choosing to go against him when I sin.
  9. Wow that is a good way to put it. So an important part is to not be a slave to this sin and try my best to live as Godly as possible? A big question of mine is when I do sin, is every one of those sins punished by God? For example if I sin, will God make something bad happen in my life to punish me for sinning?
  10. I just don't get it. A sin is a choice. So if it's a choice I should choose to never cuss, drink, engage in sexual list, etc, ever again? I don't want to change my whole life/personality I just want to love and believe in God and have peace in that. It's not seeming to bring me a whole lot of peace.
  11. With the perfectionist aspect of myself I'm stressing about sinning. Sinning is a choice to go against God is it not? I feel like I am going to feel guilty for every single sin I commit for the rest of my life. Are we punished for sin?
  12. There are so just so many questions and requirements that it stresses me out. I'm a perfectionist and am an all in or all out type of person.
  13. So do I have to be baptized to be born again? I'm not really a member of a church or anything
  14. So is this "being born again" when you are baptized?
  15. I completely agree with you William.
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