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  1. mrtsail

    Can non Christians go to heaven?

    Gehenna is a place of of segregation and torment, but it is not eternal. That would be a foreign concept to Jesus and his Hebrew contemporaries.
  2. mrtsail

    Saved from what?

    We are saved from the 2nd death.
  3. mrtsail

    Wearing a cross

    Wearing a cross is like wearing a gun. It begs someone to attack you.
  4. Dawkins is a smart dude, but he doesn't have a PhD in metaphysics.
  5. mrtsail

    Jesus Christ keeps us saved forever

    Once in Christ you're safe! Stop worrying. There's nothing you can do to save yourself anyway.
  6. mrtsail

    Have you ever doubted God's existence?

    Most people would have to say yes. You can't see God. He doesn't speak. Evil is evident. Science contradicts creation.
  7. mrtsail

    Can non Christians go to heaven?

    I have no proof text! I appeal to the fact that God is love. Yes, sin must be dealt with, but if a sinner comes to Christ his or her sin was dealt with.
  8. mrtsail

    Aging Christian

  9. Time, distance, and shielding.
  10. mrtsail

    Unforgivable Sin

    No such thing.
  11. mrtsail

    Aging Christian

  12. mrtsail

    Can non Christians go to heaven?

    I wouldn't want to test it, but that is what I believe. Just reflecting on the character of God.
  13. mrtsail

    Favorite Christian Movie

    "Hurricane", starring Denzel Washington.
  14. mrtsail

    What Is Saving Faith?

    Trusting Jesus for your salvation. He took care of it!
  15. mrtsail

    Staying on Windows 7

    I went to Linux mint and never regretted it.