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    Need some thoughts

    What scripture is saying concerning reconciliation to others. I hurt a person emotionally, I felt very sad for it, I prayed and weep in Gods presence. I try to reconcile with that person. But the person says can't trust me. So what I need to do. Not only I feel guilty about what I have done. I even try to make a public confession. But I failed to win the trust.
  2. It looks like, I will never find a seminary to study. So what are the good seminaries.
  3. I found none, so i will stop. I pray God will grant me a opportunity to serve him in another ways. Disappointed but thank God for leading me all this way.
  4. Need more help on finding seminary.
  5. Need some suggestions and help
  6. I am willing to study anywhere, if you know any seminary, let me know. Studying in states is expensive. Can I get any scholarship. I want to study and return to my country to start a church.the reason is no conservative church, only Catholic Church in our area. Please help me.
  7. Hello, I am Ajay, from India, looking to study in Europe. I desire to study in a seminary to be prepared for future ministry. Need some help