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  1. I agree with this that sex before marriage is a sin so it is better to control our urge for sex while we are single. If someone cannot control his feelings then he should get married. A sexual relationship before marriage is not considered noble in society and religion.
  2. demitri

    Sex and the Single Person

    It is true that food is the necessity of life while sex is to keep the life going on. I want to appreciate the efforts of Theophilus that he never engaged in any kind of sexual activity and he controlled his urge. Single people should control their feelings and if they cant control then they should get married rather than having sex without any relation.
  3. demitri

    Opinions Please

    I think it is something else rather than promoting Satanism. It is a way to emphasize the things. We have to chose a way to do the things and it depends on us that whether we chose the right one or the evil. It all depends on our intentions.
  4. demitri

    Grenfell Tower

    May God rest their souls in the peace. I am really sorry for the loss that can never be the same again. It is hard to bear the pain to loose your love ones. God bless them with patience and happiness in the future. God bless them all.
  5. demitri

    Dad heart procedure

    I will pray for your father and for your whole family. I wish you all stay together forever. Health is biggest blessing of the God. I request all of you to pray for his father. I wish that your father's heart disease would cure soon.
  6. This is really very sad sad news. I dont know how a person can be so bad for his or her child. Whenever we go against the rules and orders of God then we will have a trouble for us. It is parenting problem. Before taking such step they should think they were themselves brought up by their parents. None of the child expect or deserve such an act by their parents. May God rest his soul in peace.
  7. demitri

    Love before marriage or after marriage?

    I think it is important to stay sincere with your life partner whether before or after marriage. I have seen many people claim to be in love but after a few years of marriage, all the feelings were gone. So before getting into a sacred relationship we should make a mature decision and should determine about it. Love is important throughout the life to keep the relationship healthy.
  8. demitri

    Does God Hate the Sin but Love the Sinner?

    The person who makes a thing, he obiviously loves it. So how it is possible that God could hate his creation. God does not want us to do the sin that's why we often feel guilty or pain after doing a sin. We should also hate the sin but not the sinner as we can change his thinking with love.
  9. demitri

    Prayer for every cancer patient

    It is true that we need to pray all the patients of cancer. My uncle is suffering from cancer from 2 years and he is in bad condition. I want you all to pray for him too. God bless all those people who are suffering from pain.
  10. We can't ignore the importance of money but still, money is not everything. Money is necessary for living our life as we need food, clothes, and shelter. If we take care of our expenses and live a simple life then we would not need to run behind the money. We should donate the remaining money to people.
  11. demitri

    Have you ever doubted God's existence?

    It is all about your personal experience. I have seen many people who are dishearted from their lives they don't believe that God does exist.I have a firm belief in the God. I can feel him whenever he fulfils my prayer and when does not then I can understand that this wish was not good for me.
  12. I will pray for him. I wish he would be well soon. Prayers can change and save the lives. He will be back to his regular life soon. I wish that he could live a long and healthy life. I want to request all of you to pray for him.
  13. I will pray for him. I wish he would be well soon. Prayers can change and save the lives. He will be back to his regular life soon. I wish that he could live a long and healthy life.
  14. demitri

    How to Maintain a Happy Marriage

    I agree with with you. I think it is the respect and love that makes a relation stronger. In this way, both of the partners would have attachment with each other. It is good to take care of each other and be forever together. You will learn to trust on each other.
  15. demitri

    Choosing between your parents and girlfriend

    I think parents are always there to make good decisions for us as they have seen the world and they have experience to deal with the things in this world. They learned us to get done with problems in life so they can suggest us better. We can realize their importance when we dont have them in our lives anymore. So it is better to act upon on their advice rather than disobeying them.