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  1. Zero

    I Don't Know Who I'm Married To!

    The issue seems to be much more serious than i anticipated, i think a counselor can't much in her case, i would advise you to take her to a psychiatrist as Lucian mentioned.
  2. Zero

    Alien Life

    We as humans have very limited information if any on whether aliens exist or not, as for me i find it hard to believe that considering how huge the universe is, we're the only ones out there.
  3. Zero

    Favorite Christian band

    I'm not aware of a lot of christian brand but i have two of my favorites that i have been following for a while now, which are Skillet and Red.
  4. Zero

    Prayer for a friend who had a terrible accident

    Wow i'm shocked by this terrible news, i'm pretty sure most of us have been met with such news once in their lifetime, i hope your friend recovers and stay healthy.
  5. Zero

    Praying For Money

    I would assume that praying for money can be considered only for certain circumstances, such as a serious health condition or for charity, other than that it might seem wrong and off to ask for mediocre things.
  6. Zero

    Good evening

    Hello Sunshine, welcome to the forums and i hope you enjoy your stay.
  7. Zero

    Learning to rest in Him and be content

    It might seem difficult or rather challenging at times, but that's when your faith is mostly challenged, you have to always believe that He is by our side in every step of the way and will always protect us no matter what.
  8. Zero

    Buried or Cremated

    Even though i'm not much aware of how they are both perceived but i would chose to be buried for various reasons, as justme stated you can avoid a lot of hassles and trouble with your insurance company if the proof is visible.
  9. Zero

    Learning to rest in Him and be content

    This is quite astonishing, i appreciate you taking the time to share it with us, i'll make sure to read it thoroughly.
  10. Zero

    Prayer for every cancer patient

    My uncle was affected by cancer not too long ago, and it was definitely an awful and hurtful experience seeing someone you love and care for suffer for months was horrible.
  11. Zero

    A prayer for the UK?

    UK has been targeted repeatedly these past few months which is frightening and scary, i pray that God stands beside everyone that was injured or lost someone and guide them to safety.
  12. Zero

    Only Mass Deportation Can Save America

    Your logic can be applied to everyone that was born in the US regardless of their race, i can understand that the rules are quite lenient and should be more enforced on people that don't work nor contribute to the development and economy of the country.
  13. Zero

    Need some thoughts

    You should try and keep your distance from the person you mentioned and hope that after time their wounds heal.
  14. Zero

    A frustration

    It's not that hard to get used to, it's in fact quite similar to Chrome, but good luck :).
  15. Zero

    Helping the Poor

    You can find house at a much lower price, but you have to take into consideration that the prices are low for a reason, whether be it the location has a high number of crimes and etc.