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  1. FolkArtist

    Pain might not be that bad.

    I think that sometimes that medicine is needed to treat people-and even strong medicine at that,but after the pain goes away or is not as bad, you could look maybe to a herbal type of medicine. Sometimes these drugs can be addictive after you have taken them for awhile-so you could look into herbs -and a more natural pain reducer after taking the heavier drugs for a long perod of time.
  2. FolkArtist

    What is a movie critic….really?

    I think anybody can write a good movie review-but can they write a good compelling one. First of all you cannot just watch,but you need to learn to watch with a very intense eye- and some of the things to look after are the setting -and even the music as well. They are people that are allowed to attend advanced screenings-so they need to take plenty of notes including what the plot was ,and kind of summarize the whole experience but be very open minded about it.
  3. FolkArtist

    Opinions Please

    Its not the greatest choice for a mascot calling themselves the red devils-but you should make sure that its not to sinister. The problem with this is wearing t-shirs with mottos related to the mascot-like "100% devil",and "wrestle with the devil" to name a few. Another problem with this is giving young people a motif to decorate with- you are really going to run into these kinds of problems though.
  4. FolkArtist

    The Walking Dead

    I watched some of these episodes not to long ago and they were not to bad,but I grew up more with the greatest zombie movie of all time and the original-and of course this is the movie called "Night of the Living Dead"(George A. Romero-director) and I always like to watch this movie on Halloween night,which is fun. I would say I have to agree with George A. Romero though- who just passed on a few days ago and he said that "The Walking Dead" was basically just a soap opera with a ocassional zombie.
  5. A good movie about taking a spiritual renewal(pilgrimage) to spiritual sites,is Eat,Pray,Love with Julia Roberts-has anybody else seen this movie and she travels to 3 countries -italy,india,and Bali. This movie shows her adventures and her encounter with spiritual leaders as well and it has some really great scenery in it also. What did you think of this movie or did it leave you a bit cold as far as her(roberts)having a relationship with God?
  6. FolkArtist

    Drinking & Driving

    Thats a funny joke kingcool52- HaHa! I have a couple for you though- Question-how do you make holy water? Answer-Boil the hell out of it ! Q-What do you call a nun in a wheelchair? A-Virgin Mobile ! A Sunday school teacher asked her children on the way to service- "And why is it necessary to be quiet in church?" one little girl replied- "Because people are sleeping."
  7. FolkArtist

    Favorite Christian band

    I like the irish roots of this song a lot-and it features the older sister of Enya which is Moya Brennan and also the guy that was in the Doobie Brothers(michael mcdonald) as well. Moya Brennan is listed in the music genre as contemporary christian-but not sure when you add Michael Mcdonald singing with her in this song called "Don't Give Up"-its quite refreshing though.
  8. It seems like life is a bit lonely without a God in it-and you could help her find her way to find a relationship with God though. Man can only find fulfillment when he acknowledges God-and I think talking to God can really help you out in the long run of life- as well. I think you just need to point her in the right direction and take one day at a time to start out and not take it to heavy.
  9. FolkArtist

    No God?

    I think you have to look for God-seek and ye shall find ! I find the world to complex and somebody has to be behind the whole thing with their design. Some examples would be earth and its right mix of gases to sustain life for mankind and plants as well-also its located the perfect distance from the sun. Also the moon is the perfect size and distance from the earth as far as gravatational pull goes as well. The moon also creates the ocean tides and stops the oceans from from spilling all over the continents. God is out there but you must seek him with all your heart !
  10. FolkArtist

    Buried or Cremated

    This is very interesting and I was looking into this maybe? Did anybody see the movie the "Rocket Gibraltar" with Burt Lancaster and Macaulay Culkin? The old patriarch of the family(Levi-burt lancaster) unites with his family for his birthday and tells everybody that worms eat buried corpses(yuck! culkin replies). So levi wants a viking funeral and they set the vessel on fire(at sunset with levi in it) with a flaming arrow-and so if the setting sun matches the fire-that viking has led a good life !
  11. FolkArtist

    Tv Churches

    Yeah William, I think it was some kind of mail fraud and he did 4 years in prison and then 6 months in a halfway house near Asheville. They let him out because they violated his (Bakkers) due process rights by saying stuff like-he was a "money-grubbing preacher" and they said it was a bit stiff of a penalty,so they let him go and the sentence was overturned. Thats been a long time though- back in 91 or so.
  12. FolkArtist

    Tv Churches

    I think its ok because some people do suffer from anxiety when they have to be out and about in public and such Televangelism is a way to communicate with those that suffer from these kinds of things. I used to watch the Jim Bakker show on TBN and it was quite interesting and also he would have some interesting guests as well. I found him very relaxing at times and my favorite was the shows about putting Christ back in Christmas-which I think is quite true today. What do you think of the Jim Bakker show ?
  13. FolkArtist

    Your Favorite Quotes

    Some good quotes,and thanks for sharing. I like a lot of the quotes of Pablo Neruda the Chilean Poet and some of those are- Perhaps the earth can teach us As when everything seems dead And later proves to be alive Poetry Is An Act Of Peace If nothing saves us from death at least love should save us from life
  14. FolkArtist

    Helping the Poor

    Thats something you see with mankind and Churches today, that their definition of Christianity is to selfishly protect their own self-interests instead of trying to help others once in awhile. I think people and Churches have traded the teaching of Jesus for a speech about fear these days. They should act more like the teachings of Jesus and the Bible and honor the verses below- Whoever oppresses a poor man insults his maker but he who is generous to the needy honors him.(Prov.14:31) Open your mouth for the mute, for the rights of all who are destitute. Open your mouth,judge righteously, defend the rights of the poor and needy.(Prov 31:8-9)
  15. FolkArtist

    Too shy to share the gospel

    I think its really Peer Pressure but they may come around to seeing that they are hanging out with bad company sometimes-and the Bible does tell us after all, that "bad company can corrupt good character". The kids could spread the word of God in other ways though- including organizing parties and spreading the word to their friends,and so this is a more private way of getting the word of the Bible out there. Another example is that the kids could raise money for charity somehow like washing cars and spread the word of God this way also. It may make it easier to function for them,doing it these ways.