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  1. melissa1024

    I'm new here

    Hello and welcome Cindy! I look forward to seeing you around and talking with you.
  2. melissa1024

    Hello everyone

    Hello and welcome. I look forward to seeing you around and talking with you!
  3. melissa1024

    Do you believe in spanking?

    I believe if a behavior is bad enough or if you have told a child several times not to display the behavior than a spanking is the only option. I believe that is why kids act like they do today not enough of them are spanked. Mine gets spanked when she deserves it and she knows what is and isn't acceptable behavior but other kids her age are so unruly and their parents do not spank because they say that the U.S. government says it is against the law. I told them it is only a crime if you beat them and leave marks a little tap on the bottom isn't going to hurt them.
  4. melissa1024


    Thank you
  5. melissa1024


    Thank you. I look forward to talking with you also.
  6. melissa1024

    How much time you spend online?

    I'd say roughly 10 to 12 hours of my day, everyday, is spent online. I work online and have learned the more time online the more money I make. I may not like it but that is just the way it is!
  7. melissa1024


    @David Lee and @Origen Thank you for the warm welcome!
  8. melissa1024

    Horror movies

    I love to watch horror movies. I know it's just a story and didn't happen in real life. I do believe some things that happens in those movies can happen in real life though, such as being possessed by satan.
  9. melissa1024

    Too Cute!!!

    They are adorable! Animals just being themselves can be so adorable and entertaining. Humans can really learn a thing or two by watching animals.
  10. melissa1024


    Hello everyone. I look forward to getting to know everyone and possibly making some new friends. I am of the Baptist faith but I am currently not actively going to church. I am married and we have one child.
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