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  1. William

    Word of faith movement.

  2. William

    Word of faith movement.

    Then I'd like to start out with your congregation. I mean, we could base our evaluation upon an individual basis, but I'd like to see what your congregation as a body believes, and whether you agree with your church body. First I'd like to see your church's belief statement or statement of faith, its creeds and confessions. That is, I'd like to know what members of your church actually confess and if any two or more members actually profess the same doctrines. God bless, William
  3. William

    Word of faith movement.

    The man is a heretic. Just the Youtube clips I posted shows a gross misrepresentation of Christianity. As far as I am concerned, those that follow such men are being condemned in unrighteousness. Why else would God raise up such false teachers?
  4. William

    Word of faith movement.

    Creflo Dollar tried to justify a private jet too. These jets cost around 68 million dollars.
  5. William

    Word of faith movement.

    I'm not here to insult you or call you anything. But I must admit, being WOF, I question your ability to discern the truth from falsehood. Lets just say, that being WOF doesn't have a reputation for scholastics. God bless, William
  6. William

    Word of faith movement.

    In a broad sense, every departure from biblical truth may be regarded as a heresy. But in the currency of Christian thought, the term heresy has usually been reserved for gross and heinous distortions of biblical truth, for errors so grave that they threaten either the essence (esse) of the Christian faith or the well-being (bene esse) of the Christian church. This isn't a very comprehensive critique of Kenneth. You really believe this stuff? God bless, William
  7. William

    Word of faith movement.

    What concerns me is the lack of discernment, the lack of protestant principles (sola scriptura) and the amount of con-men in the word of faith movement. I really can't believe anyone could listen to these people on TBN or CBN. Seriously, bro, they'll make you brain dead. God bless, William
  8. William

    Word of faith movement.

    These people are con-men. Here's Kenneth defending his private jet. A person could go brain dead listening to anyone on CBN or TBN.
  9. William

    Word of faith movement.

    I can't believe anyone would take a single thing the Copelands say as anything but heretical.
  10. William

    Laugh of the Day

  11. Actually, I see you as the religious leaders which criticized and held others to a distorted gospel (The Shack), that is, rather than scripture. And since you have no attachments here and have no problem telling me off lemme show you to the door. William
  12. Really? Now I'm wondering whether you are orthodox enough to be here on this forum? It is a full time job heeding the warnings by Jesus and the apostles about false teachers.
  13. I usually read reviews for any given movie before seeing it. Albert Mohler (O.P.) is pretty credible concerning the Christian essentials. Having such a poor review from multiple credible theologians helped me decide to pass on the book and film. God bless, William
  14. William

    Prayer, my father is passing

    My father asked for me and then my daughter before he passed. He said to my mother who was with him that he was not going to make it and that he was not ready. My mother told him but God is ready, go with him. He took a few deep breaths and exhaled as she watched the life leave his eye. Thank you everyone for your words of comfort. God bless, William
  15. Actually my posts have been indirectly referring to you. I've watched you run a couple of people out of this forums already and complain about others. Consider this a verbal warning. Please tone down and reevaluate how you speak and engage others. God bless, William