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Debate: Did Jesus physically died upon the cross?

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    atpollard wins this debate in my opinion. Jesus died and was resurrected.
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      atpollard did an excellent job. Truth prevailed. The teaching that the Lord Jesus did not die on the cross has been debunked.

      In his opening remarks (post #2) the first two people Hakeem Alyazeedi quoted concerning Mark 15:44 were Albert Barnes and John Gill. It's too bad that he left out the remainder of what each of them said concerning Mark 15:44. The underlined below is mine so he won't be able to miss it this time.

      Albert Barnes on Mark 15:44
      And Pilate marveled if - Wondered if he was dead, or wondered that he was so soon dead. It was not common for persons crucified to expire under two or three days, sometimes not until the sixth or seventh. Joseph had asked for the "body," implying that he was dead. That he was, had been ascertained by the soldiers. See John 19:33.
      Mark 15 Commentary - Albert Barnes' Notes on the Whole Bible

      John Gill on Mark 15:44
      For death, by crucifixion, was a slow lingering death; persons that were in their full strength hung a great while before they expired; and the two thieves, which were crucified with Christ, were not dead when he was
      Mark 15 Commentary - John Gill's Exposition on the Whole Bible


        I enjoyed the debate, thanks to both Hakeem Alyazeedi and atpollard for their posts. Atpollard I haven't seen mention of how your hurricane evacuation went. Did you get out and back safely?


          Eric T.
          Thank You.

          Yes I did get out and back safely and God is better than good.
          When Hurricane Irma was originally tracking as a Cat 4 off the East Coast of Florida, the risk for me along the West Coast of Florida was a Tropical Storm. We have lots of those in Florida and it means some branches fall and some local flooding. My home is not in a flood zone (by a safe margin) and designed for 90-110 mile per hour winds. Beyond that, there is danger of windows being blown out and shingles stripped off the roof.

          As the track shifted to down the center of Florida, we were looking at 60-100 mph winds along the West Coast of Florida. If I knew for certain that it would follow that track, I would have rode out the storm at home with minimal risk. What concerned me was the fact that each new update placed the track further west. Among the earliest models, there were a whole bunch of models that predicted a path up the east coast, and two lone predictions that said it would come up the west coast with the center over the Gulf of Mexico. If Irma followed that track, it would likely pass through my community as a strong Cat 4 or weak Cat 5 storm. My house is rated for Cat 2. The newest homes are Cat 3 rated. At Cat 5, no building is safe. A Cat 5 rated building is called a 'bunker'. The final path would not be known until about 12 hours before the storm was centered on my home. That would be too late to evacuate. So I left with my family to take them to safety long before the Government had the data to make the evacuation decision because I knew that their lives were potentially at stake.

          Within the 12 hours following my decision to evacuate, the county issued a mandatory evacuation for people living in flood prone areas and mobile homes. Then they added a voluntary evacuation for everyone living within about 10 miles of the coast. Then they made it a mandatory evacuation for everyone living within 10 miles of the coast. The worst possible case had become the most likely case.

          The problem I ran into was three previous days of evacuation for the East Coast of Florida had filled hotels as far north as Atlanta. Now I was part of a second wave of evacuees. I had planned to try my luck heading west towards Pensecola in the Florida Panhandle, but learned while driving that people were having to go as far as Alabama to get a room.

          I worked 8 hours that day, then drove 24 hours (sleeping 2 hours in an interstate rest area) before reaching shelter in the home of a relative in the mountains at the Georgia-North Carolina state line. We encountered 6 mph interstates, 1 hour waits in line to get gas, police at the stations for crowd control, and gas rationing. God provided everything we needed.

          We watched the weather reports continuously for days. There was a very real possibility that I had escaped with my family safe, but would never be returning home except to handle the insurance claim. If my house and place of employment were both wiped out, there was no reason to bring my family to an empty lot.

          There really is no explanation for what happened with Irma except ... "But God"! For a hurricane to make landfall Cat 4 and crash so quickly to Cat 1 is unheard of. However that is exactly what happened.

          Irma cut a swath of trashed power grid throughout the state. People in shelters slept on concrete floors and in folding chairs they brought. There were food shortages and water shortages and no electricity for days. We visited family and enjoyed beautiful mountain views. I had to wait until the storm cleared Georgia to return home. We took back roads all the way and avoided the crush of traffic on the interstate as well as had no trouble finding Gas until we arrived in Florida and found all the stations empty. Fortunately we had just filled the tank and had more than enough for the last 4 hour drive to put us home at 1 AM. It took 24 hours from FL to GA and 12 hours to get back from Ga to FL.

          We arrived home about 4 hours after the power had finally been restored. It had been out for three days. There were some branches in my back yard, fallen from neighbor's trees, but absolutely no damage at all to my house. I had a refrigerator and freezer full of spoiled food to replace and a mountain of limbs to cut and stack by the road for pick-up. That is all.

          So God allowed me to protect my family. [My wife with rods and screws in her back could not have slept on the floor of a school for three days.] I was prepared to accept whatever God decided about my house, and God protected it without any help from me.

          So I have nothing but praise to sing, and to God belongs ALL the Glory.
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            Thanks atpollard. Wow, that was quite an adventure, I am glad to hear that God granted you safe travel and minimal impact to your home.


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