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Debate: Did Jesus physically died upon the cross?

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    atpollard wins this debate in my opinion. Jesus died and was resurrected.
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      atpollard did an excellent job. Truth prevailed. The teaching that the Lord Jesus did not die on the cross has been debunked.

      In his opening remarks (post #2) the first two people Hakeem Alyazeedi quoted concerning Mark 15:44 were Albert Barnes and John Gill. It's too bad that he left out the remainder of what each of them said concerning Mark 15:44. The underlined below is mine so he won't be able to miss it this time.

      Albert Barnes on Mark 15:44
      And Pilate marveled if - Wondered if he was dead, or wondered that he was so soon dead. It was not common for persons crucified to expire under two or three days, sometimes not until the sixth or seventh. Joseph had asked for the "body," implying that he was dead. That he was, had been ascertained by the soldiers. See John 19:33.
      Mark 15 Commentary - Albert Barnes' Notes on the Whole Bible

      John Gill on Mark 15:44
      For death, by crucifixion, was a slow lingering death; persons that were in their full strength hung a great while before they expired; and the two thieves, which were crucified with Christ, were not dead when he was
      Mark 15 Commentary - John Gill's Exposition on the Whole Bible
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