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Bone Day Grave Robbers

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    Bone Day Grave Robbers

    Bone Day Grave Robbers ... disclosure started by Gerhard Ebersöhn on 29 January 2017


    Bone Day grave robber number 1, Fred Coulter exposed and cornered…
    I’m still thinking what adjective can do justice to his ‘Christianity’.

    Undated article, spotted the first time by GE on 29 January 2017, here...
    GOLDEN SHEAVES - The Selfsame Day
    The Significance of the Term, “ The SELFSAME DAY ”?
    A Unique and Distinct Expression Found in the Old Testament, One Which Has Not Been Fully Understood, and Yet Has Affected a Number of Important Doctrines Having Bearings on New Testament Theology!

    © Rich Traver, 81520-1411, 2-01-03 [ 6 ]

    Rich Traver, one of Coulter's serfs, I assume.
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