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Praying For Money

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    Originally posted by Zero View Post
    I would assume that praying for money can be considered only for certain circumstances, such as a serious health condition or for charity, other than that it might seem wrong and off to ask for mediocre things.
    Not necessarily. Sometimes people have lost their keys, or faced some mundane problem, and prayed about it, and those prayers have been also answered.

      Originally posted by luri View Post
      You get what you actually deserve, for the things you don't deserve, you will never get it no matter how much you pray.
      That is hardly the way to look at answers to prayer. God provides for His creation not because His creatures deserve anything, but only because God is good. Take the case of the ten lepers who were healed by Christ. The Lord already knew that nine of them would not return to thank Him. Had He given them what they deserved, He would not have healed them. Christ healed all who came to Him for healing, and many of those turned out to be His enemies.


        Originally posted by Tiile23 View Post
        I couldn't agree with you [email protected] I think if one serves God well, one will get what one deserves.
        But have any of us actually served God well enough to deserve anything good? God commands that we love him with all our heart and that we love our neighbors as ourselves. Have you done this? If you haven't you shouldn't ask God for what you deserve or you might get it.

        It means first of all, one must put in enough human effort to merit that thing before going into His presence to ask for that favor. For instance, during examinations, you don't expect to sleep all the time and end up scoring 100% as against someone who studied thoroughly all the time. So, I think the human effort aspect should be covered before you go to ask Him for that favor(money).
        We need to do what is necessary to receive what we need but we must ask God for it before we act, not after.

        I believe God's grace is already abundant for one to win with, it's just a matter of playing your role first.
        God's grace consists of his giving us what we do not deserve. He does this because of his love for us, not because of anything we have done.

        God knows what we need but he gives us some things only when we ask for them. "You do not have, because you do not ask." (James 4:2)

        Remember, He helps those who help themselves.
        This statement is not found in the Bible and it isn't true. God helps us when we acknowledge that we can't help ourselves.

        Clyde Herrin's Blog

          I don't know Zero. It seems to me that we can ask God for anything. He may not feel that what we are asking for is in our best interest. Then, He might say no. I still think it's okay to ask. Like a child asking for something from a parent. Kids may think that what they are asking is important and necessary, but the parent may know better. I think it works the same way with God.
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