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Trump in the morning, Trump in the evening,Trump at suppertime

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    Trump in the morning, Trump in the evening,Trump at suppertime

    Almost everytime I engage the media, there is something relating to Donald Trump. His tenure so far has been dogged by controversy after controversy. His supporters believe that the media is being unkind to him whilst his opponents believe that the seeming unfriendly media attention that has been directed to Trump is warranted. What is your take on this matter?

    The media have declared a War against him because of his controversial stands. Also he is also shooting his self to the foot. He should be thankful to Kelly Anne Conway because she is so dedicated on defending him through thick and thin. It seemed like the Democrats are building up Bernie Sanders or Elizabeth Warren to defeat him next election. The Rock is currently being hyped up by the media to run against him. The only media that doesn't hate Trump are Fox news, The Blaze and Alex Jones.

    Media is controlled by liberals so they are trying their best to destroy Trump.I don't really like Trump but I know media was too unfair to him.
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