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    Because something was once a good thing does not mean it always will be... Stuff gets rotten... In reading a book, I can not remember the name, on the history of the popes... they got rotten... When we see the sin covered up in the RCC today we can smell the stench... Before any one goes off on the sins of other groups i fully acknowledge that sin also... Any one who reads Scripture knows or should know Jesus Christ is the ROCK... His church is built on Him He is the chief corner stone. according to Scripture.. A pool of water that gets stagnant is no longer healthy to drink.. Christ alone is the Living Water. ...
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    They're [Liberal/Democrats] not interested in stopping voter fraud. If they are so concerned about foreign influence in our elections why would they not safeguard polling with an ID. check? The Obama administration paid out money to "influence" the Israeli election. Where's the outrage? https://www.washingtontimes.com/news...ust-netanyahu/ God bless, William
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    Rudy Hired to Negotiate Graceful Exit — for the Establishment RUSH: The New York Post: “Rudy Giuliani Joins Trump Legal Team, Hopes to End Russia Probe in ‘A Week or Two.'” He said that. Now, full disclosure, I know Rudy Giuliani. I play golf with Rudy Giuliani. We sometimes talk politics while playing golf. No, he’s never sent me a bill. I’ve never asked Rudy for legal advice. In fact, we did meet one time at the Havana Club in Manhattan when he was thinking about running for president, and he was asking me what I thought would be important in his agenda for reaching out beyond the Northeast. And I told him. But he did not send a bill. I did not send a bill. I’m telling people this ’cause I know Rudy. I’ve attended water volleyball games with Rudy Giuliani. I have known Rudy for many, many moons. And I have played golf. I have given Rudy cigar lighters. I have given Rudy a cigar holder for the golf cart. I’m not making excuses because I’m gonna tell you what I think some of this stuff means, and it is rooted in the fact that I know Rudy and some other things in addition. First, here’s Mark Meadows, Freedom Caucus, House of Representatives. “These Comey memos were supposed to implicate President Trump? Really? On page 13, POTUS appears to instruct Comey to investigate and find the truth about whether his campaign team did anything wrong. There’s nothing in here even approaching obstruction of justice.” And that is true. And then Meadows tweets: “If anything, these memos impugn the judgment of Director Comey.” He’s the one apparently using the media to exaggerate concerns about interactions with the president. He’s the one leaking government and possibly classified documents to a third party. Come on! It’s exactly right. These Comey memos are the latest in a yearlong salvo of things that have been designed to raise public opinion against Donald Trump. I want to tell you why I think we’re in the final phases of this, and the reason I do is because Rudy is on the case now. The liberals during this entire year — what has this year been about? Let’s call it a year because that’s the length of time that Mueller for, you know, few days here or there has been serving as the investigator. We know the investigation, quote, unquote, predates Mueller being appointed. We now know that Mueller was appointed because Comey wanted him appointed. That’s why Comey wrote the memos and leaked the memos. He wanted a special counsel. He got it. But prior to that, the media was running its own investigation with leaks from nameless, faceless intelligence people. Let’s call it a year and a half. For a full year and a half, there’s been a premise that Trump stole the election by way of colluding and cheating with the Russians, that Trump knows it, the Russians know it, everybody knows it. They just can’t find any evidence. Well, they can’t find any because there isn’t any. The whole thing has been manufactured, and it hasn’t worked. It hasn’t turned out the way those behind this effort intended it to. The whole thing begins after Trump wins the election. They take this dossier that was a Clinton campaign work product. It was composed and written and paid for by Hillary Clinton. It’s made up of a bunch of lies, a FISA warrant to spy on Trump and his campaign was secured on the basis of these lies. There has been a tremendous amount of illegality that has gone on here. In this ensuing year and a half, there are a lot of people at the FBI and at the DOJ who have broken the law. They have broken the spirit of the law. Rest of the article is at the link: https://www.rushlimbaugh.com/daily/2018/04/20/rudy-hired-negotiate-graceful-exit-establishment/
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    Hello brothers and sisters, Just like to bring it to your attention that we are not Facebook which caters to one line responses or commenting with poor grammar. We are a board of Christians which have read the entire bible (far from being illiterate). Presenting ourselves in a proper manner literally is no differently than presenting ourselves well groomed in person! Please take the time to either check your spelling or use the spell check in the most popular browsers. Also pay attention to grammar, starting sentences out with capital letters etc. A proper post has at least 3-5 sentences free from grammatical errors. I'm sure you can chew on a response long enough to come up with 3-5 sentences? I understand that mobile devices make this more difficult, but please try your best. Remember, your responses are being indexed in major search engines. Our first impressions say a lot to people first coming to our site. God bless, William
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    Agreed. And protecting those that cannot protect themselves would seem to me to be one way to walk in the Master's footsteps.
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    Hi, @Just Mike, I will remember to pray for you and your wife as you navigate the days ahead. Pray for wisdom, brother, and I will also pray God will grant you wisdom as you plan your course.
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    You are in my prayers Just Mike. Sorry to hear of your situation.
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    IIRC the people of California voted not to recognize homo marriage not once but twice and were overruled by the tyrants driving that clown car both times...
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    Keith Ellison: ‘Women Are Dying’ because Democrats Are Losing Elections Representative Keith Ellison made a plea to Democratic voters this week, saying “Women are dying because we are losing elections” at an event hosted by the Progressive Change Campaign Committee. “We don’t have the right to lose a election. We have to win. We have to win,” the DNC vice chairman said at the event, adding that maternal mortality is rising in states such as Texas and Missouri. The Minnesota Democrat, a proponent of single-payer healthcare, was apparently talking about GOP efforts to chip away at Obamacare. Republicans in December eliminated the individual insurance mandate, an unpopular part of the law that required individuals to pay a fine if they chose to opt out of purchasing health insurance. Rest of the article is at the link: https://www.nationalreview.com/news/keith-ellison-women-dying-democrats-losing-elections/
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    I think it is a very appropriate analogy if one understands left's ideology and narrative. They're appealing to a base which may feel empathy because of historic American slavery. The Democrats buy off votes from a certain minority demographic. Blacks are made into slaves of the state by living on social services equipped with free Obama phones not being able to break out of the oppressive class once in. All they need to do is keep voting Democrat, and they'll be left alone with generous benefits from out of the U.S. treasury. However, go against the narrative or plantation and you'll be outcasted as an Uncle Tom. Ironically, the historic Uncle Tom was a fictional black man that fought against slavery (Democratic Party) and was against harsh and cruel slave masters, but the Liberal/Democrats twist the meaning and disregard its context making it mean a collaborator with the white plantation or slave owners (Republicans). As far as paralleling black civil rights with homosexuality or transgenderism, the case is made that sexual orientation cannot be changed. But, as we know a leopard cannot change its spots, though, it can choose who to have sex with. God bless, William
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    Being on the side of life seems to me to be on the correct side..
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    That is a ugly thing to say about his parents. Making a claim the parents are against the child? Had Moses' mother abided by the laws he would not have been. It was certain Moses would have died... Mary & Joseph skipped off to Egypt to avoid the death of Baby Jesus .
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    Kinda makes you wonder if some other group will come out the same day and try to ruin their Freedom March??? (Leaving the plantation is not allowed)...
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    Mike, I'm praying for you brother, just read your post mate since I've been away.
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    This stuff is hard to deal with, cancer is ugly. My prayers also for your wife as i am in her shoes . How? How does the world deal wiht this junk . So blessed to know the Lord...
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    Just Mike -- I'm so sorry to hear of your bone cancer. Our bodies are very mortal and remind us of that every so often. Your bio info says you're married -- how is your wife doing with your diagnosis.
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    Praying for you, don't let this stuff get you down, I know that's easier said then done. What kind of radiation are you getting, I knew a guy who had some kind of radioactive seed implants, it seemed to work well.
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    In Flordia I never heard anyone blame the school for letting the gun(almost a man) in Now we all know school doors should be kept shut! Doors into the school should be controlled, and a officer should personally check ever person entering that school. Even students now must be checked each and every day, going in. Backpacks, purses, just like when you board an airplane. Sounds excessive, but what's a child's life worth? If we want a safe flight, so we demand our kids deserve a safe life. Now, tell me who is at blame for not protecting our kids at school? I will say its high time we spend whatever is needed to get protection for our school kids, no more excuses or blaming the mentally ill. We must be pro active! Demand your school install protection and security officers. What price are our kids worth?
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    I found out there's quite a few Christians in free masonry, some are even pastors and people of high standing in the church. That is a scary thought. There isn't really a good reason or excuse for it, the criteria to even be interviewed for membeship is: 1. Be a law abiding citizen. 2. Have belief in a supreme being. 3. You have to join at your own free will. #2 is a big problem, the masons equate all gods and religion, it could Allah or a pagan god or Lucifer! Christ is the only way, so how can a Christian fellowship with these people? It gets worse. Masons believe salvation comes through learning the meaning of symbols and rituals. One ritual is The Death and Resurrection of Hiram Abiff, it's a ritual mocking the death and resurrection of Christ. On the website to join free masonry it makes thier purpose clear, to unite men of all religions. Masonry is not compatible with Christianity. Some masons might be true born again believers who just don't understand what they got themselves into, or are wolves infiltrating the church. Stay strong in Christ and be blessed eveverone.
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    You must not dismiss the two-part covenant promise. One is spiritual and one is physical. The physical will be carried out at Christ's return. He will indeed give the Promised Land back to the real Israel at that time.
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    There was a church in Rome ( a community St. Paul wrote to and some of whose members attended his needs when he was imprisoned there), but that's it. The earliest church was located in Jerusalem and it was led by St. James the Just and St. Peter ( Acts 15). Studying Scripture kind of lends the impression that once a church was established, the missionary that established it moved on, having ordained proper church officials ( overseers and elders) to sustain the congregation ( Acts 20:17-38). There was a Christian presence in the city of Rome, hence St. Paul's Epistle to the Church in that city, but from a Scriptural base, there's little reason to suppose that it was that different from the churches in Antioch, Alexandria, Ephesus, the region of Galatia, Corinth ( well, let's hope Rome wasn't that bad), Philippi, Colossae or any of the other churches. The power that later Popes amassed came to them gradually, over the course of centuries http://www.religionfacts.com/papacy/history, http://bookofconcord.org/treatise.php.
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    Depending on how much damage is done by the lie they can be sued for slander and possibly end up in jail. But liars will get what's coming to them when on judgment day.
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    I think you've just destroyed most of the media, gossip magazines, and the profession of spin doctor :) (Wouldn't that be nice?) Sadly, gossip, slander, and libel are things that were a problem even in Biblical times, and there are many prohibitions against it (Leviticus 19:16, Romans 1:28-32). It doesn't stop a certain group, in my experience often older women with too much time on their hands although there are exceptions, from stirring drama up for the sake of it. If you wanted to jail them though, evidence for a court case can be a real problem. The Bible offers one solution: Proverbs 20:19 Whoever goes about slandering reveals secrets; therefore do not associate with a simple babbler.