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Refering to abortion. (I do not support abortion and I am 100% against it in all forms and circumstances)

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Would this be a sin and would it be wrong?


Before I write anything else, I do not condone abortion (this is just a question) and I do not take any responsibility for anyone who reads this post. YOU are RESPONSIBLE for your beliefs alone.


If someone works as a Medical Assistant in a Doctor's Office where the Doctor is referring his'/her' patients to an abortion place or abortion clinic, would it be a sin?


EDIT: Would it be a sin on the Doctor's part and/or on the Medical Assistant's part too?


Only answer if you are qualified in this subject please, thank you.

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I believe it would most certainly be a sin against conscience. Think of it this way, if you know something about a murder and don't do anything about it, that makes you complicit, I don't see this as any different.

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