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God's in the little things

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Their are of course no little things or big things to God. They are all "light" things to Him not even requiring His two hands.



The flowers


It was the spring of 1980 and we were awaiting the birth of our son. No tests had told us it was to be a son but God had said so. Working in Little Rock and driving back and forth from our home in western Saline County I sometimes came home the "scenic" route. Out hwy. 10 by Lake Maumelle then down hwy. 9.


As I drove down hwy 9 that evening the wild flowers of spring were everywhere. I kept being urged to pull over and pick a nice bunch for my wife. As I drove the urge became stronger and finally so much so that I gave in. I gathered a variety of them and headed home.


That day as others Martha had spent alone at our secluded country place. No for friends neighbors close by with only the routine of daily chores to occupy her. Eight months pregnant and alone up in the woods. She was wearing some of my old fatigues that were sloppy and comfortable. Discouragement and depression were always waiting to strike. Walking down our long drive the air was filled with the smells of spring and the blooms that were popping out everywhere. In her lonesomeness she thought but never spoke "Oh Lord if I just had a bouquet of those wild flowers"! After believing God for children that doctors said we'd never have she deserved a room full of flowers. God had been speaking to us and told us He was sending a son. We'd gone through much tribulation and affliction waiting for our little handful of purpose.


In Little Rock that day my mother told Martha later she was urged in her spirit" I should send Martha some flowers"! Not sure whether a florist delivery could find our remote place she resisted.


Arriving home with Martha's flowers she was overjoyed as I joyfully handed them over to the love of my life, the bride of my youth. She knew that Jesus had heard her faint whisper. He saw her loneliness and saw to it she had a gift straight from His hand. God hears the faintest cry and answers. Only when men refuse to heed His unctuous and requests are those seeking needed comfort disappointed. Many times, if not most, God works through men to send deliverance, comfort, encouragement and the like. He is not bound to of course but the treasure of the gospel is delivered by the voices of men.


The most practical way to send Martha comfort was through me. The constant urgings we have from time to time are those of God moving us to do His will in something. When we resist then everyone loses. Learn to recognize His voice, His urges and everyone, including the Lord benefits.


Don't resist those faint feelings that you need to do something for others, it could cheat someone out of a heart's cry and you from the joy of giving.


Harold Sullivan


Harold was a great guy and a Christian friend and elder mentor. He taught me some things when I had a Sunday school class at our church. Harold and Caleb Mitchell also were members of the Gideon organization that distributes Bibles. They invited me to attend a meeting of that group so I went along. They prayed, had fellowship and discussed past and up owing Bible distributions. You'd be amazed at the things that God does through these unselfish men and their distribution of God's Holy word.


They invited me to join up and I promised to prayerfully consider it. I prayed and put a fleece out before the Lord. I requested that if the Lord really wanted me to join this group that someone else step up and pay my application fee as a sign to me. That would signify that God was behind it and in it. Putting out a fleece as Jonathan Saul's son did can reveal God's will and direction.


Sadly not too long after that Harold went to be with the Lord. I never had a chance to see him again. At the memorial Caleb was there and we spoke of our friend. Caleb said "you do know that Harold paid your application fee for the Gideons"? I didn't know and was surprised. The Lord had answered my fleece. I can't thank Harold for what he did now but I can thank him up there. His last act was in obedience to God and in a blessing for me. Thanks Harold!





We were walking around the square in Benton one Saturday just strolling and looking in the shops. There was a little boot shop and leather goods store there in those days. We walked in and I was looking at boots having wanted a pair for some time. The owner started telling me about a special pair he'd ordered for a man that never picked them up. He'd paid half of the money down and all I had to pay was $25. Of course they fit like a glove. They had nice stitching on them and we're almost knee high. This was certainly a gift from God! Pretty good for twenty five bucks, an obvious gift. Praise the Lord!


I realize God does such things for all of his children but it's nice to stop and meditate on the sweetness of His gifts from time to time.


Judges 14:8 KJVS

And after a time he returned to take her, and he turned aside to see the carcase of the lion: and, behold, there was a swarm of bees and honey in the carcase of the lion.


This is returning to victories God has given us and extracting sweet enjoyment from the memory of His wonderful deliverances. ​​​​​​

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