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Necy Kate

A New Life Is Born Out of the Creator’s Plans

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Which details of the first juncture—the place of one’s birth, one’s family, one’s gender, one’s physical appearance, the time of one’s birth—is a person able to choose? Obviously, one’s birth is a passive event: One is born involuntarily, in a certain place, at a certain time, into a certain family, with a certain physical appearance; one involuntarily becomes a member of a certain household, inherits a certain family tree. One has no choice at this first life juncture, but is born into an environment that is fixed according to the Creator’s plans, into a specific family, with a specific gender and appearance, and at a specific time which is intimately linked with the course of a person’s life. What can a person do at this critical juncture? All told, one has no choice about any single one of these details concerning one’s birth. Were it not for the Creator’s predestination and His guidance, a life newly born into this world would not know where to go or where to stay, would have no relations, belong nowhere, have no real home. But because of the Creator’s meticulous arrangements, it begins the journey of its life with a place to stay, parents, a place it belongs to, and relatives. Throughout this process, the advent of this new life is determined by the Creator’s plans, and everything it will come to possess will be bestowed upon it by the Creator. From a free-floating body with nothing to its name it gradually becomes a flesh-and-blood, visible, tangible human being, one of God’s creations, who thinks, breathes, and senses warm and cold, who can participate in all the usual activities of a created being in the material world, and who will undergo all the things that a created human being must experience in life. The predetermination of a person’s birth by the Creator means that He will bestow upon that person all things necessary for survival; and that a person is born likewise means that he or she will receive all things necessary for survival from the Creator, that from that point on he or she will live in another form, provided for by the Creator and subject to the Creator’s sovereignty.

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It's nice to think of our biological family or conditions as predetermined, and set there for a reason, even if it's hard to even fathom why each choice was made. I don't dissagree with the idea, as I think that everything is part of the plan, no matter how easy, hard or complicated one's childhood has been.

However, it's easy e.g. for me to say that "adversity builds character" when I've been born in a steady household with enough to make ends meet...sure in moderate cases a little hardship doesn't harm, but not everyone is born in a well off or steady home. Often families can't even provide the basics to their children, like food, clothes and healthcare. For some of these kids it all works out through hard work, good planning, scholarships ,etc...but the opportunities are limited and often non-existent in many countries, as a result many of these children are driven to a lifetime of poverty, crime and prostitution stuck into the very place they were born in from the beginning.


In this case, the whole mentality "Oh, that's just what God chose for them" rings like entitlement to me. It's easy to think that we have no merit in other people's misfortune and blame it all on fate.


I won't pretend I understand the matter of our birth's conditions in terms of God's will behind it, but there's definitely something more to it than just the conditions that we were born in. As if we're not just placed at a certain point in time and space just to casually experience life, but also to be tested vigorously and serve as an experience or a test to others, like e.g. being the subject of a choice on whether a different person chooses to be merciful to us or cruel instead.

There's a dynamic to our lives, based on free will: a person who had everything in the beginning can ,through their own and other people's actions, lose everything overnight and vice versa.

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