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clark thompson

Dan 6:17-18

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Daniel 6:17-18 King James Version (KJV)

17 And a stone was brought, and laid upon the mouth of the den; and the king sealed it with his own signet, and with the signet of his lords; that the purpose might not be changed concerning Daniel.

18 Then the king went to his palace, and passed the night fasting: neither were instruments of musick brought before him: and his sleep went from him.


Daniel 6:17-18

CLV 17 And hither is brought a single stone and placed on the mouth of the vault. The king seals it with his signet ring and with the signet rings of his grandees, that there be no altering of his will in regard to Daniel." 18 Then the king departs to his palace and remains in his house, fasting. Diversions are not brought before him, even though his sleep flees from him. Yet Eloah closes the mouths of the lions and they do not harm Daniel."


These are my thoughts, please share yours.


17 So this happening meant no one could help Daniel to break this seal was treason Daniel had t least to spend the night in the lion’s den even the king could not have him removed until morning.


18 The king was troubled because of what happen to Daniel this shows how much he cared about him and also shows him not having any faith in God but if he took time to pray at this time he would have joined Daniel. We should turn to God in our times of grief instead of going to Him last.


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At the risk of sounding self righteous, it is very important to develop a habit of prayer at all times so that should hard times hit, we already have a needed habit established.

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