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After going to the store yesterday, paying only attention to myself and my new headphones, I was strolling along the highway and saw something that would grab even the most absorbed person's attention. I took off my sunglasses and my stroll changed to a concerned step. There was a woman pulled over, hanging limp out of the door of her car. I approached her and asked if she were okay. She weakly said trying to assure me that she was fine " I am a cancer survivor and am going through another round of chemo. I am just nauseous and this is the third time I've pulled over today." I asked her if there was anything I could do, but she said no and insisted she was fine. I told her I have loved ones who have gone through chemo as well and I would pray for her. I was going to grab her a water at a gas station nearby, but I knew by the time I got it she would be gone.

I hate feeling helpless when others are faced with great pain. However, I know our cries do not fall upon deaf ears; please lift up this brave, young woman in prayer not just to have relief from her pain, but peace in the midst of it through Christ. Thanks and God Bless.

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My wife works in an oncology office and I had problems at first dealing with the horror stories. I'm sad in a way to say I have been desensitized to most of these stories.


God bless,


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