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the falling/Collapsing of Europe by Rami Amer Dabbas '' Lewkowich ''

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French and other European people are looking to get out of European union such as English did with brexit , they want get their independence from European union . British people voted to get out of European union and now countries like France , Germany and Netherlands are looking do the same . Well the problem started not with migration crisis , not with Muslim refugees but it started with how Europeans fight against their traditions , god ( Jesus ) and church . France the one who started this by their French revolution well , it was a dirty revolution I would call it also a dirty bloody thirsty , this revolution started with free masonry expedition and how they choose they wrong side of freedom well that freedom was against their traditions and church and how they turned to be slaves of this freedom – the wrong side of the freedom- . this revolution killed a lot of French people and Christian French people even they beheaded the French king with his family , then later many European countries followed the same path of France , they did and stood against Christianity but they forgot that their culture , traditions , philosophy , politics and civilizations were built over Jesus Christ and France the one who leaded this . The only one country that did that before France or at least a similar was England 100 years before so both England and France later started their own world order to turn the rest of Europe the same . Europe due to this changed and still changing but I hope not forever so a time will come and they wake up but please not too late , the color of Europe is changed and still changing , now islamists invaded Europe even now the religion and culture of Europe are changing , Europe is turning into muslim, non European , chaotic , and third world country . WE NEED TO RISE UP AND STAND UP TOGETHER AS SOMEONE SAID BEFORE '' UNITED WE STAND , DIVIDED WE FALL ''

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