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Communicable Attributes of God - I don't think reason is one of them, why does "everyone" else say it is?

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From what I know we have an intuitive God. He knows things, he doesn't think about them. He doesn't wonder, if I do B instead of A what would happen. He just already knows.


So what purpose would reason serve our God? Unless reason is just a gift for us (maybe Angels too).


As the title says, every theologian (reformed theologian) I have come across says this is communicable. Why?


God was not "young", he did not need to reason until he started to know everything.


I am sure there is an answer, I just don't know what it is.


Oh, Grudem, Sproul, and McClarty are the only systematic theologies I am familiar with, so maybe it is just a lack of variety in my education. And RW Glenn, I have heard his systematic theology "plectures" too.

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Hello Marknoo,


This is probably the standard for Systematic Theology: https://www.christforums.org/forum/christian-community/apologetics-and-theology/systematic-theology/9999-louis-berkhof-systematic-theology


You can download the entire book for free in the above link.


God bless,


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