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'Brave German Woman' Rebukes Islam's Lie

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Good for her.

That the majority thought Luther's Church was a good place for a Muslim worship service just makes you want to weep.


Islam is an EVIL religion.

It is the true evil of Islam and the Qu'ran and the Hadith that makes me annoyed at people who want to call Catholics "the anti-Christ."

I have seen real evil up close, foolish theology just doesn't compare.

(I accept that many here disagree.)

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Amazing video. Thanks for that- the comments were interesting too.


The sad thing is....the spirit of our age is to be culturally suicidal. If we surrender our culture the Satanic culture of Islam will only be too happy to fill the void. But there is a reason we are surrendering our culture- because we gave up our theology decades ago.


Religion and culture are connected in a special way, just read the Bible to see it. Religion is not just a personal belief but a way of living, and the Christian faith is not the easy-believism that the post-moderns try to make it. Their false Christianity doesn't work, and people instinctively know it. So they reject it. But they don't investigate real Christianity before they throw Christ out of their lives- leaving us a culture devoid of morals, faith and love.


Check this video out:


Notice the comments of the woman at about 3:00 mins. She's right about the cause, but wrong about the solution.



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