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Favorite Bible websites

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I'd like to know your favorite websites that contain the whole of Scripture, and your reason for using them.


I use Bible Gateway because of its wide availability of versions. My preferred version is ESV, but I teach first graders in an after-school program at our church, and I find NIRV is the best for explaining in terms kids can understand. (Many of the kids come from unbelieving homes, so it's important Scripture is as clear as possible so they'll remember it.) As a child, I memorized a lot of passages in NIV, so sometimes I give myself a refresher by looking them up in NIV on Bible Gateway.


I print out a lot of passages for the after-school program, and I like Bible Gateway because it has a quick print option that formats the material for a printer. It's intuitive. Often, instead of going straight to the site, I'll google the passage I want followed by "bible gateway." Saves a few seconds!


What Bible sites do you use, and why do you like them?

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