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F.T.C. - Film The Cops

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Hello to all those who have come to read my post. I'm sure many of you have heard of the Alton Sterling family. If not, here's a brief background. Alton Sterling was black male, living in the USA with his wife and children. He was allegedly selling illegal copies of CDs to make money. Upon the police arriving at his residence, he was shot and killed by the police for no apparent reason. This is a major problem and the officer responsible needs to be held accountable for his actions. No one has come forth and taken any responsibility for his/her actions, but millions of people have joined arms and are protesting police brutality. Gangs and gang affiliates are joining forces to take of the problem themselves, and while I don't agree with solving violence with violence, the police need to be held accountable and need to take responsibility very soon, or I feel that the world is going to become ever more dangerous than it already is.

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Hi Philthegoat, first off, I see you're pretty new here, so WELCOME TO CF :)


As for the Alton Sterling shooting, the official information is still somewhat sketchy, but it is reported that the incident occurred outside a convenience store, the Triple S Food Mart, where Mr. Sterling has been selling his DVD's & CD's for some time now (I don't remember reading that they were "illegal" however). The various news agencies all report him as having some kind of altercation with a homeless man outside the store, who then called 911 and reported the encounter, including the fact that Sterling was carrying a gun, and that's when the police were summoned. A struggle with the police apparently ensued, tasers were used be the police, and guns were eventually drawn when the taser failed to do it's job. This seems to be what "most" of our news agencies are reporting.


You might want to Google CNN or one or more of the other news agencies and get your facts from them (though there is still much that needs to be sorted out about this very sad event because it only happened a few days ago).


The Justice Dept and the FBI are investing the case, along with the BRPD, so I have no doubt that all of the facts will be brought to light in the near future (especially since there seems to be so much live video footage, from the police, from the convenience store security camera, and from a private cell phone camera or two), so perhaps it's best to wait until then (and until all of our news agencies are satisfied that they have the facts and agree about what happened and why).



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