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My Testimony

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Hey Everyone!


I posted a brief introduction in the main forum, but I did want to take a moment to share how God changed my life (as well as read the testimonies of others). so here we go. :)


As I said in my introduction post, I grew up in a religious home. My nickname for that kind of "religion" is 90's Christianity, but really, it was a weird mix of Pentecostal and Baptist principles. My parents were overly religious. I guess a good example of that would the fact that I wasn't allowed to have a single piece of candy from October 1st to October 31st because a "witch may have cursed it for Halloween". I understand why some choose not to celebrate Halloween, but not letting your child have candy from the grocery store on October 1st is a bit much in my opinion.


Anyway, as I grew older, I always had a "fear of God", but I didn't understand the love of God. I could intellectually explain to you why I was Christian (and I even tried converting some people along the way), but I was more scared of God than anything else. My life became a pendulum swing; sometimes I was very religious (I'd go to church, read my Bible, etc) and other times, I'd totally forget about everything and just live life the way I wanted to. While I never did drugs or anything crazy, I did completely disregard God's Word and would just live life by my own rules.


And I thought this was totally okay.


Then God brought this particular family into my life. I'd known a lot of "Christian" people, but something about them was different. I could see how they genuinely loved and, while I didn't fully understand what made them different, I knew I wanted whatever they had. I started attending their church and really spending time with them. (This is a great encouragement for those pouring into the lives of unsaved people. It took a good year before I came to know Christ after meeting them. Don't give up!). Early in 2010, I felt like my life was going under. My father lost his business, we lost our home and our cars, and I ended breaking up with someone I thought I was going to spend the rest of my life with. To be honest, I was angry with God. I blamed Him. In my eyes, I was "doing everything right", so I didn't understand why all these horrible things were happening.


Through a strange sequence of events, I ended up in a car with my ex-boyfriend for four hours talking about God and church. I left that conversation praying to God, begging Him to show me that He was real. That very same day, He did. First through a sermon I ended up hearing, then through a beautiful sunset that captivated me. I truly felt like a different person from that point onward. I sudden;y had the desire to seek Him, not to win back anyone, but just to know more about Him (and later, I'd learn the term for that, which is "regeneration").


That was April of 2010. I've follow after Him every since. While my journey hasn't been perfect (and really, who can say it is). God has molded me and shaped me along the way. My desire is to use everything I have in this life to bring Him glory. Just like the family that introduced me to His love, I pray that my family can be a beacon of light for those seeking Him, even if they don't know exactly what it is they seek! That pretty much sums up my testimony. I can't wait to read yours!

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