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Hey folks....

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Just checking in. I've believed in Jesus Christ for 15 years, Calvinist the whole time, more than 10 Reformed. Dedicated husband and father, banjo picker and karateka.


A statement of faith can be found here and below.


Theological positions: Independent Particular Baptist, Predestinarian.


Soteriological Position: What theologians call “Calvinistic” (Supralapsarian)


Eschatological Position: Amillennial Historicist


Covenantal Position: 1689 Federalism


Creeds and Confessions: London Baptist Confession of 1644 & 1689, Goat Yard Confession of Faith (1729) and most of the Gospel Standard Articles of Faith


*Some questions I had to fill out on a forum that I thought I would include.


Are some men elected to salvation? Yes.

Are some men elected to damnation? Yes.

Is salvation by works? No.

Jesus died for all men? No.

God loves all men? No.

Christ experienced sin in His person? No.

Was sin imputed or imparted to Christ? Imputed.

Is righteousness imputed or imparted to believers? Imputed.

God predestines all things, including sin? Yes.

God wanted Adam to fall into sin? Yes, it was decreed.

God has how many wills? One. (His decretive will of purpose is His will of pleasure)

Do you believe in Justification from Eternity? Yes.

What point in time is righteousness imputed to the elect based upon? The entire life of

Christ culminating in His death.

Baptism is required for salvation? No.

Baptism is the sign of the new covenant? No.

My view of the sabbath can be summed up as follows, “one that is strong in faith, and has a greater degree of the knowledge of the Gospel, and of evangelical liberty, knows that the distinction of days, as well as of meats, is taken away … Christ the true sabbath and rest is come; and therefore, being firmly persuaded there is no more holiness in days than there is in places, has the same regard for one day as another.” [John Gill]










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Hi JM,


Welcome to the forum!


God bless,


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