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Rand Paul Creates Top Ten Reasons Obama is Disqualified From Office

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If there’s one thing Donald Trump’s good at, it’s stirring up the hornet’s nest, which is exactly what he did with his call to temporarily halt all Muslim immigration into the United States.


This, of course, caused Trump’s critics to have a meltdown of biblical proportions, particularly those in the White House, as Josh Earnest came out and said such a call “disqualifies” Trump from the presidency.


Well, GOP presidential candidate Rand Paul responded to the hoopla with his own list of ten reasons why Obama himself should be disqualified for the highest office in the land.


This is epic.






Before Obama and his cronies go slamming the Trumpster, they should take a long look at this list, which, if they’re honest will make it clear if anyone’s disqualified from sitting in the Oval Office, it’s their guy.


While I don’t necessarily agree with Trump’s idea, I don’t think suggesting such a plan makes him the modern day equivalent of Hitler, unlike the classless leftists in our midst.


There’s a way to disagree without being an overemotional dirtbag, but unfortunately, Earnest and his buddies haven’t matured enough yet to attain this skill.


The bottom line is that President Obama and his track record of breaking the law — not to mention his many failed policies — make him unfit for the office he holds, and as such, he might want to hold his tongue before criticizing others.


Source: Youngcons

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I didn't know Obama had a copy of the Bill of Rights, including one missing the 2nd Amendment.


I doubt Hillary has a copy of the Bill of Rights, either.

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Rand Paul is who I was endorsing for President of the United States. I supported Rand Paul's father Ron Paul for President in 2012. The Paul's are more of a Libertarian in the vein of Thomas Jefferson. President Obama is in my opinion one of the top 5 worst Presidents in U.S. history. The only thing that President Obama has is his skin color, and his supporters can use that as a weapon. The race card, and it surprises me to this day why President Obama is not already impeached. I said it once before that if President Obama was a white Republican he would have already been impeached. Rand Paul is the man.

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