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The Megachurch Boom Rolls on, but Big Concerns are Rising Too

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Worshippers care most, Bird said, “about finding a church that knows where it’s going and what it’s about. They like clarity of vision in a church.”


That's so far from reality that I can only view it as a deliberate lie. The same article says nearly half of megachurches are non-denominational. And, the article suggests that the denominational ties of the remaining megachurches are very loose. How does a church know what it's about when it has no roots (tradition, creeds, etc.)? How does a church know what it's about and where it's going when the congregation has to wait for a mostly untrained (theologically) pastor to weigh in on an issue to know where the church stands, especially when that pastor avoids substance in his sermons? How does a church know where it's going when it doesn't have a strong denominational ties to keep it on track?


The long and short of megachurches is that their members want deistic entertainment.


Christianity is in rapid decline in the US. Do megachurches contribute to that decline, or do they resist that decline? I think the null hypothesis has to be that megachurches contribute to that decline, based on correlation. As for cause-and-effect, these churches offer a form of Christianity without commitment to Christ, as reflected in entertainment over reverence. They distort the public's perception of what a church should be. And, because these churches are typically lead by theologically ignorant showmen, they don't know what they're about or where they're going, resulting in the church members latching onto whatever dumb and damaging pop doctrines are blowing around, such as Pretrib Rapture and Dispensationalism.






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