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happy life

how do you keep away from sin.

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When I just believed in God, there was a very good man coming into my life. Although I had a husband, he was the type of man I like. Besides, he was a very good man, and we had much to talk about.When he had a difficult time and was in bad mood, he would chat with me. Unconsciously, as time went by, we came to like each other, and I would miss him when I did not receive his calls for a few days. Then, I began to be afraid to see him and wanted to control myself not to think about him, because we both had a family. We couldn’t go on like this. I was afraid to see him and fear that I would lose control. I thought that if I was not a believer in God, we might be together, and two families will be broken up for this reason. People are not able to overcome sins, but because of my belief in God, I remembered the Bible mentions: God does not like fornication. If I did it, I would offend God's disposition and incur God’s punishment, just like David who committed fornication got punished by God. Only then did I begin to fear. I thought: I cannot offend God's disposition. God is a jealous God. He is a faithful God. He means what he says. I shall never offend God. If I go on like this, my end would be unimaginable. Then, I found a way to stay away from evil. When he again asked me to have coffee or phoned me, I made excuses: I am busy recently. My husband is with me after work every day, and he is good to me. My husband is the best man I have met in my life, and I cannot do things to make him sad. Can we stop disturbing each other's lives? I said these words to shatter his hope, and he really gave up and didn’t go to me anymore. I still remembered my mood of that time. I was very reluctant to him and was very distressed. Because of our sinful root, we often committed sins, though sometimes involuntarily. Why could I stay away from evil at that time? Because I knew if I did it, I would be punished by God, because He hates fornication. This was the reason I dared not to do it. From then on, I made a resolution: If I meet other men of that type, I will touch and contact with them less, keep away from them, and will not do things that offend God.


From it, I had some realization of how to keep away from sin. Only if we know what sin is and meanwhile have a fear of God can we depart from sin. If I have no fear of God and do not know what sin is, it is very difficult for us to stay away from our sin. Now I know why God issued laws in the Age of Law. His purpose was not to punish us, but for us to stay away from sins. Why do many people who do not believe in God often commit immorality and do a lot of bad things? This is because they do not believe in God and have no fear of God. Therefore, they can do bad things boldly. This is the root. It is just my opinion. What’s yours? how to keep away from sin?Please share with me your opinions or your experiences...


God bless

Happy life


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