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Way of the Spirit

Hi to everyone,

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I simply cannot remember a time when I didn't believe and trust in God and Christ.

From sometime back in the early 40's I attended the Sunday school of a nearby Undenominational chapel, and moved up through the young men's group until my faith was examined by the Pastor and I was Baptised by immersion in 1950.

Since then I have moved about in the UK and abroad and I now make it my practice to attend whichever church is nearest to wherever God has led me (provided they will accept me to a reasonable level of fellowship).

But that doesn't always work out, and at 80 years of age I am often obliged to seek my fellowship on Christian forums.

(I run one of my own but I like to spread my fellowship as widely as possible.)

I prefer not to involve in too much Theological contention and prefer to concentrate on 'Prayer, Praise, Worship, and spiritual uplift.

More than that can come as I post.

Peace be with you all .....Mike (WotS)

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Hello Mike,


Welcome to the forum and glad you joined us!


God bless,


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