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Women compromise combat units

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A recent marine study compared the performance of all-male vs. integrated units. Out of 134 tasks, the all-male units did better over two 69% of the time. The integrated units did better 1% of the time (1.49%). In marksmanship, UNtrained men hit the target 44% of the time, but trained women hit the target only 28%.


I took ROTC in college (PE credit). Really, it’s the first time I ever fired a gun. Yet, I think I hit the target much more often than any of the girls (about half the class was girls). And, being Pentecostals, there’s a good chance that some of those girls had practice with family guns (Pentecostal college, Pentecostals love guns). And, I’m sure I’m stronger than top female athletes, even though I don’t consider myself an athlete.


Marines had said they’d hold women to the same physical requirements as men. But, last year they suspended the pull-up requirement for women because none of the women could do the minimum number of pull-ups required of men. Men are required to do at least 20. Last year in marine testing, only 55% of the women could do even just three pull-ups.


Women soldiers can’t carry a wounded man. Women soldiers can’t throw a grenade a safe distance. Women soldiers are severely slowed by modest loads. Women soldiers are injured more frequently. It’s really insane to put women in combat roles.


Even if women were the physical equal of men, it would still be inappropriate to have them serve in combat roles. I know it’s completely Politically Incorrect to say, but integrating combat unites violates standards of modesty that society should hold. Even if women physically could, women’s roles in society should be different. When it comes time to call these women up for combat, a high number of them are exempted because of pregnancy. If a woman is in the military, there’s a high chance her husband (or cohabitater) is also in the military, leaving kids parentless when the parents are sent away.




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Your statistics show that making such a generalization is accurate.


I took ROTC in college (PE credit). Really, it’s the first time I ever fired a gun.


Some people in basic training had failed to even shoot their target once, Cornelius. They were shooting the targets of the next man by accident or couldn't get a handle on near or far sightedness.


If it is any consolation, some of us had prior shooting experience before entering into the military. I grew up with a 20 gauge shotgun, .22 rifle, and high powered bb gun. I had access to these guns since 7-8 years of age. In the Air Force, I only touched the M-16 during basic training, however, our Flight (56 airmen) were trialed for Marksman. I was one of two from the fifty six that was awarded the medal, having put 47 out of 50 rounds in the targets, including taking the bulls eyes out at 400 meters. One round I ejected in the mag because I lost count, so I actually only shot 49 rounds and landed 47.


What I remember about that day, was my 50 meter grouping or pattern. My shots landed in a very wide spread, and at 400 meters were a very narrow and tight grouping. Afterwards, I realized I was not even aiming at 50 meters, but only aiming at 400 meters, taking my time, breathing etc.


Before I went into the military though, I had shot a .22 rifle on occasion. I would shoot at ground hogs running and sometimes stationary. The way to get a ground hog stationary is to carry a whistle, when they're running across the field ya just blow on the whistle, they stop for a second and stand up - then the .22 rifle flips them over. I normally shot at these ground hogs around 150-200 meters away, but given their size it equates to a person around 500 meters away. When I nailed Marksman, I began to think I went into the wrong branch.


God bless,


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