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phil boyce-bottoms


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I'm phil!

I'm not on here to annoy,

It's just that I'm trying to find out what makes people tick.

I've never understood religion.

Something happened when I was 5, and it makes me look at everything differently.

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Its 1974.

a happy, go lucky, normal 5 year old.

up until this experience,

I was right handed,

After this I am and always have been left handed,

I've asked my mum about this recently,

And she said,

"Up until you the first day of school, you were right handed,

After that you couldn't use your right hand".

As she always kept on to my dad that he made me left handed,

As I can remember her having a go at my dad,

He is left handed.

not started school, yet.

(Can't remember the day, or date)

i'm standing in the kitchen,

Its a bright sunny day,

Light is streaming in through the window,

I'm in the kitchen with my dad,

When suddenly, with out warning,

Every atom and molicule is vibrating,

Shaking inside,

Can't move,

There feels like a large splinter is being pushed

into the back of my head,

As this splinter is pushed into my head,

A voice, not mine is speaking,



Not threatening,



then as suddenly as it started,

It stopped.

I wasn't scared never needed to be,

Never told anyone,

Didn't need too,

I knew,

No one would understand,

I've told people online,

But thats all,

1 year ago,

I told my partner,

As i've always known,

She didn't believe me.

Thats okay,

I've always been different.

Wouldn't want to be any thing else.

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