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Fighting Baltimore’s Violence Through Prayer

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Speaking of Baltimore, I stumbled across this funny claim: Needless to say, Marilyn Mosby is today's Rosa Parks.


We should also be fighting Baltimore's violence by not pretending there's any truth to the Left's violence-causing inflammatory charges of racism. Rosa Parks was a nearly powerless woman who faced real discrimination. Marilyn Mosby is a rich woman who has "all the power" (probably in great part due to discrimination in her favor). If anyone should be equated with Rosa Parks, it's the white officers (officer Edward M. Nero and officer Garrett E. Miller) who are being charged with false arrest for making a lawful arrest (arresting a career criminal with an illegal weapon). They're being oppressed (prosecuted) because of their race (that's the only conclusion that can be reached given the absurdity of the charges against them and the real racial prejudice in the air).


The fact that Liberals have to stoop to nonsense like equating Marilyn Mosby with Rosa Parks reflects that there are no blacks in Rosa Park's position today.


The pastor of this prayer walk describes the walk as a success, "we took a stand against crime, poverty & Drug Dealers. in NW Baltimore." Baltimore needs more religious leaders like him. And, fewer religious leaders who fuel violence by fanning the flames of racism under the pretence of fighting racism.









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