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Wayward Pines

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I’m four episodes into a new ten-episode series called Wayward Pines. It reminds me of the old TV show “The Prisoner”. The series focuses on a man in a comfortable and peaceful town that no one can leave, held for unknown reasons and by unknown captors.


It’s refreshing to see non-Children’s TV show with practically no sexual immorality. There’s not a hint of anyone in town have sexual relations outside of marriage of a man and wife. And, there’s no hint of married people having sexual relations outside of the fact that they’re married and maybe have children.


It’s not all perfect. These people have past lives, of which everyone is forbidden to talk about, before being brought to this town. The background of the main character is that he had an affair, but he’s repentant of it. The background of some of the other townsfolk is that they have been involuntarily matched up with spouses who weren’t their spouses before bring brought to the town.


The show has some of the typical annoying nonsense of mystery Sci-Fi. In the last episode, a man committed a capital crime (graffiti, third strike). He seemed to want to escape through death. He carried out his own sentence by throwing himself onto an electrified fence, so that the main character, who was instructed to carry out the execution wouldn’t himself be punished for refusing to perform the execution. He did this when he was alone with the main character, a character desperate for answers. The man who killed himself knew some things and had no reason to withhold that knowledge, yet he didn’t give the main character any information. It’s completely dumb within the context of the show, but done to keep the viewer curious.


The viewer is left to wonder what’s going on. I think they’re on an alien ship. There appears to be zero communication with the outside world (a fact obfuscated by the time line jumping back and forth, without telling the viewer, making it all look linear, but we’re given clues). There was a brief glimpse of an alien-looking creature. No planes ever fly overhead and there are no insects (hidden speakers in the surrounding forest make cricket sounds). On the other hand, there are some things incompatible with this idea. The old cars of the town’s people are hidden in the town (aliens wouldn’t bother taking the cars, or hiding them in an accessible area). The CIA seems aware of the town (hinting at a government experiment). There’s no advanced tech revealed (which would be of alien origin).


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