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    It would be helpful to have a subforum for questions. You could easily accomplish that by changing the title of this subforum to Suggestions and Questions.

    I have a question now that I need the answer to. I would like to help you financially with this site. The old site had a button that could be used to make donations but there doesn't seem to be one on this one. It is possible to give through the old site?
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    Clyde Herrin's Blog

    Hello Theo,

    I'll put up some additional categories come Monday. A subforum to "questions" seems like a great idea. If you can think of anymore subcategory recommendations - here's a thread started yesterday on the subject: Christian Forums - Christforums

    Also the old site's donation button does work, I'll have to figure out how to do the same on this site come next week. This direct link should work: Online Payment, Merchant Account - PayPal

    God bless,


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