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    Stratcat has chosen not to receive private messages or may not be allowed to receive private messages. Therefore you may not send your message to him/her.

    If you are trying to send this message to multiple recipients, remove Stratcat from the recipient list and send the message again.


    This is the box contents of a message I tried to post. I could not post it because this box kept coming up. There is no number for the error.

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    Why is your name the recipient? Are you trying to send a private message to yourself? Or have you tried to reply to your own private message? I suppose the error could show if another has private messages disabled, but it doesn't explain why your own name is the recipient. I'll keep an eye out for this and hopefully find the reason for it, although it doesn't look like an error, but some kind of improper action warning.

    Thanks and God bless,

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      This is coming up when I post on a thread on the forum. Why my name is used and why the recipient bit comes up, I don't know. It comes up randomly when I make a simple post like this one.

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        I cannot replicate the problem. However, I cleared the site's cache, I recommend clearing your browser's cache too. Lets go from there.

        God bless,
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