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  • Free Will Baptist

    Might want to add "Free Will Baptist" as another denomination, as some believe in free will, some don't.

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    As you can see there is a Reformed Baptist section and a Baptist section. There is a clear distinction between them. I do not believe Arminianism is a denomination but rather a soteriologiocal perspective / heresy. I am reluctant to have an Arminian section, however, open to your suggestions. What do you think about having an Arminian section?

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      Maybe if the forum receives a number of Arminians, make a section. If Arminians are scant, then it may not be worth it. There are Baptists who are not Arminian but do not believe in the eschatology of the Reformed. Southern Baptist Convention is going through turmoil, even to the point of having women pastors leading the church. There also seems to be an all-out war against Calvinists. I've seen postings that are vicious. Most people claiming to be believers are Arminian.
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