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Rolling Out The New Site

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    Rolling Out The New Site

    Hello Members,

    As you can see, I am in the process of redesigning the site using new software from the ground up. This had caused me at least a few sleepless nights. As you may of known, we were dedicated to using Open Source (free) software in the past. I contributed as much to open source projects through development and finances as I could. I avoided software such as this because of the purchase price. However, I continually put many hours in with the old software only to doubt whether the software was up to the Commercially available software on the market. So... I made the plunge.

    In addition, these are the things I am looking into right now. . . I am desperately trying to find software that integrates with this forum providing chat rooms. There are Java applications to interface with IRC, but many people have issues with Java. So at this point I have no answers as to when we may be up and running again concerning chat rooms. The good news is that I kept the old site online. I just moved it. It is located here: Christian Forums - Christforums

    The chat rooms are still functional at that /old address.

    Other things I am working with, or actually not working with at all because the work exceeds my expertise. I consulted a company to quote the cost if they are up to the task of migrating all previous posts from the old forums to the new. We have a lot of good resources in that forum, and I'd hate to see it lost.

    Please be patient with me in developing this site. I am the only Admin working on it, and an example of how much time this site takes can be seen in the recent addition of our logo. The Logo took me most of the night to design and publish.

    You may support us by being yourselves active participants in the forum. Tell others about us!

    God bless,

    I'm glad you made the change. I am familiar with vBulletin because I am a member of other forums that use it and I prefer it to your old softwear.
    Clyde Herrin's Blog


      A big move for you, William. I like it. I'm sure it will be a good learning experience. You have my patience, as I understand it takes a while to get familiar with new software. Please don't lose sleep. I like the logo better than the old one, BTW.:)


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