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Copyright Violations

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    Copyright Violations


    I noticed one of the sources I usually post from recently changed their copyright information. I do not republish if a website specifies no copying. Most websites I have republished from specify to copy the entire article and not just a clip, or they do not specify whether it is okay to republish which means it falls under "Public Domain". However, with the recent change to one of the websites I had to go back and add a link to them and also a ministry credit. Usually I just credited the author and didn't think twice about it. From this point forward, please do not republish an article in entirety, but only clip it and provide a link to the source, and who the author is. While we have been fortunate to not have a single complaint from any article authors, I would like to prevent having a complaint by any author in the future. I believe our forum has all the source material we need for references, and material as topic starters.

    Thank you and God bless,
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