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How Members can help Christforums

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    How Members can help Christforums

    Hello Members,

    Just wanted to point out a few practices that can help Christforums.
    1. Visit the Welcome Mat from time to time and welcome new members! Even if you're a new member, introducing yourselves as well as welcoming other members has an impact. Remember, the Welcome Mat is not the place for doctrinal disputes, but rather introductions and welcomes.
    2. Change your Avatar. The basic avatar hasn't anything personally to say about you. Be colorful, people do not want to join an empty and barren forum. Let them know that real people are here.
    3. Off site linking. If you're on Facebook or other social medias why not shoot back a link to our site? This does wonders for our Search Engine Placement.
    4. Be friendly and observe our rules pertaining to proper Christian conduct.

    God bless,

    OK;10/4;will do,Will !. ...marty
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