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Reporting (Flag) Other Members

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    Reporting (Flag) Other Members

    Reporting members is easy and we encourage other members to use this feature. Some of the reasons why users are encouraged to use this option (below screen shot for location):
    1. Personal or character attacks
    2. Being followed or harassed across the board
    3. Your own thread is derailed
    4. Etc., when in doubt report the post

    Moderators and Admin will attempt to rely on member flagging. We are attempting to fine tune and balance our public relations in order to provide a pleasant atmosphere and at the same time allow for contrary views which may challenge you. Remember, a mod or admin may want to take action but unless they receive a flag option they'll make every effort to remove themselves from a thread.

    Members should note, we will not tolerate direct attacks against our staff which are volunteers. This may result in immediate suspension or worse depending on the belligerence.

    God bless,

    Click image for larger version  Name:	Flag.jpg Views:	1 Size:	113.8 KB ID:	36286

    Of course it's myyyy post in the "flagging" example 🙎
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