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  • Monetization of Christforums

    We are currently working on ways to monetize our website in order to pay for overhead. If you notice, the main navigation menu now has a "preliminary" store. We plan to add to our store with recommended reading etc, besides apparel. All profit will go to support our site and pay our bills. Also, if you go to your profile and click settings, you'll see a subscription link where members can pay for "premium" membership. We plan to offer to premium membership, blogs and private messaging. In the upcoming weeks to months will be the loss of such function for regular members. Please understand, up until this point all the overhead and site expenditure has been solely out of my own pocket, and I am only receiving disability benefits. Only by the generous donations of members have we progressed these last months. That has had positive and negative consequences, because twice this month has our increased traffic demanded more server resources which raised our overhead. In order to compensate for the added financial overhead I must seek other financial resources, thus, the store.

    Thank you for your support!
    God bless,

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    Well I hope that it goes well. I knew I started to notice those subtle little differences on the home page and navigation page. It makes perfect sense to me and I cannot blame you. I am kind of curious to see what the recommended readings and apparel look like, and I am always looking for something new. Thanks for sharing.

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      I have been on forums that have a link to on their main page and get a commission on any purchases made using the link. Have you looked into the possibility of doing that?
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        As you have probably noticed I created a Gofundme page here: Page Not Found

        I would like to thank those that have donated either or both of their time and finances here on Christforums. Months ago, the board began requiring double its initial resources, from 2 cpus and 2 gigs of ram to 4 cpus and 6 gigs of ram. This resulted in a price increase of our server from 80.00 dollars a month to 140.00 dollars a month which has strained my personal finances (I only receive disability).

        There is good news though, Vbulletin has found an issue where the site makes too many request after the last two updates. The next update, hopefully, will allow us to reduce our server requirements resulting in a cheaper monthly overhead.

        I would also like to increase our board's services, offering services or access to certain areas of the board for donating members. A member that donates should have "Site Supporter" listed as their account type, which will allow access to these areas and services. No increased services or areas have yet to be created, and I am open to suggestions at this time!

        God bless,
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